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  1. Are any of the cod4 servers still online?

    1. m00jii


      pew pew zinga. Check "Home" > left list and CoD servers section!

  2. Rave in Amsterdam to celebrate the new year!There is no better way to do it.

  3. I was there and it was amazing! My third year at Defqon.1 <3
  4. This is from when me and my girlfriend was at a rave in germany in February this year she gave me this trip as a christmas gift including plane ticket, hotel, ticket to the event and a nice dinner! We hade an amazing weekend and so much fun! (Couldn't upload the picture from my phone so that's why it's a imgur link)
  5. "My heart beating, my hands are shaking! BOOOOM HEADSHOT!" Thought you meant banana first ^^
  6. There are quite a bit of emotions in the first song. I love Rammstein! They are one of the few bands that sticks to their original sound.
  7. What song means the most for you? For me its Evans Blue - Beg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phNFtBKdpK8 It was the song that hade a big impact on me and a girl that i was crazy inlove with, with mutual feelings. Sadly, we never got together. This was about 5 years ago, but every time i listen to that song, she is the only one i can think about. So feel free to say what song that means the most and leave a reasson to why it means so much to you. (There is no need to leave a reasson, but sometimes if feels good to get thoes things of your chest)
  8. On the buss to Amsterdam to celebrate the New Year on Freaqshow! Im the one to the right. Edit: Are there any ravers here?
  9. Make a sub sub-forum in this part cuz all the damn awards are spamming the entire cod4 page and makes it a pain to read and find the topics that you maybe give a shit about. Just take a look at this picture. http://imgur.com/tqZxUxI It would be much more "attractive" for users to be able to see topics that maybe matters to them. And making a topic the day before all the new "awards" topics gets added.. Yeah don't even think about it. I was annoyed by this when I still was a member of the clan. I'm not using the forums anymore but when I do, I don't feel like going through all useless topics about awards that I don't care about. Please do not take this in the wrong way. I might sound mad and pissed of bit I'm not. It's just ideas to make this part of the forums more enjoyable for users. Regards LainTime/Bazingaa "The Wallhacker"/Dr.Peacock
  10. Here is our new kitty cat! (Not really a kitty(kitten) anymore cuz he's 9 years old now) He is so damn cute and he's name is Baby (gay as f***, I know) He loves to wear bowties cuz it makes him look so handsome and well-dressed! Most handsome cat in the neighborhood! http://imgur.com/mBPfKc4 http://imgur.com/PAsVt37 http://imgur.com/MZmuZjD http://imgur.com/CLcJErB Last Christmas he walked around in the house with a red Christmas bowtie and was so god damn adorable! But my phone went retard and removed a bunch of pictures so I don't have any from from Christmas:< I'm on the phone so can't upload like normal people.

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