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ET & Xfire


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Hi everybody!!


With my previous pc I have already got an issue of compatibility between ET/xfire and issuing a typo bug with my keyboard in my ET consol.. Since I got a new pc I thought I would not get any issues again but seems I was wrong..


So, now, my prob is this one.. When I start ET in first and before my xfire there's no prob but since I wanted to be logged on xfire at same time than I log on windows it's pretty annoying.. Because when I run xfire before ET, I get a plenty of bugs like nothing shown on the board of players or a view bugged, like this one:




So my question is simple.. Has someone any clue of what happens and how to fix this.. I know i could start ET first and log on xfire after but since I'm always first on forum before ET but want to be contactable even when I'm on forum in case of needed it's really annoying.. And later it could also result other bugs, so..

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Never seen that before, have you tried running them both as admin? Or installed the old xfire?

Yep, both as admin and never got this before with my old one.. Lazy, I had updated my xfire for new the version there's only some weeks/months..

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I never saw that before either but...for example i always connect to xfire after beeing in game...and i disabled the auto recon of my ET install..

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When you say to not run the in-game feature, do you mean you can't communicate via xfire while playing?


I chose to not have xfire auto-start with my system.  When I put the unit to sleep or hibernate each night, the xfire loses connection and I have to log back on the next day.  If I restart the system, I have to manually restart xfire.  Logging onto or starting xFire during ET does not cause trouble.


I've had no problems here with Vista 64.

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When the overlay is disabled -Xfire can't interact with your game, so none of that pop up window business. You will have to change window to xfire if you want to talk.. (I play in windowed mode and have made the size of the window to the size of my screen, so I can just alt+tab to xfire when a conversation starts. I also start conversations minimized so they don't block my game view.) The overlay used to lag me alot - especially when I someone sent me a long message, or tried to call me.

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