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  1. Cool, I have one of these little screamers too, 64mm tho I'm thinking about stripping my fpv gear on it..
  2. S3ti

    FPV 250

    Hi guys, long time no see! Good to see your servers are still around and you holding your ground As the days are getting short and cold I'll visit the ET servers more often over this period for sure, be prepared Sorry Tulsa not responding, but I hope you got it sorted meanwhile...I'll just leave this vid here, got pretty good control meanwhile with these things. I have also set up a dedicated youtube-channel only for FPV, take a look if you like it There's a whole new scene forming at the moment, with teams similar to clans, competitions and all that stuff, pretty cool. (there's actually a little advertsing for a fb-group included, it's RC/FPV only. If that should be a problem please remove the vid) See you around the next days!
  3. S3ti

    FPV 250

    Something to relax, have fun https://vimeo.com/126212291
  4. S3ti

    FPV 250

    Hi guys, it's been a while! Good to see FA still around. Believe it or not, few months ago another big hobby got me insta-addicted and there is no more time left for ET (for now at least..) It's FPV (First Person View) Quadcopter flying. Anyone here doing that too? Basically there is an onboard camera on the vehicle and you get that picture live on a monitor or (imho a must for a good immersive effect) video glasses. I've been flying RC planes since I've been 14, so I'm kinda into that stuff anyway. FPV flying was never something I was really interested in since in it's early stages and in germany the equipment was too expensive for me. However got my hands on a FPV250 class quadcopter few months ago. I think everyone who likes playing 3D games will like it instantly. (+we can finally sit outside when the sun is shining and still feel as if we are in a darkened room staring at a monitor ) Here's a little clip how it looks, I have so many records but am so lazy to cut and edit. And I'm still learning to handle that thing 100 percent. This is all I managed by now from countless hours of records: https://player.vimeo.com/video/125427987 This is my quad, took many hard crashes and still in one piece. Usually propellers are the only things that break, and wow I broke close to 100 now I guess Have fun ladies and gents, gonna drop by from time to time
  5. Sad news, I wish you and his family much strength! I know how you feel, time will heal.
  6. 2005 called, wants its script kiddies back
  7. Raw input working now and feels good and it's enabled by default...performance is still worse for me than standard ET, but I didn't fiddle around too long or read much into it. But will do some night
  8. The mainboard should provide SATA3 Ports (or faster stuff like PCIE) SATA2 ports will limit the transfer rate to ~300 Mb/s. Random reads/writes are still fast so you will hardly notice a difference between SATA2/3 in everyday use. AHCI mode must also be supported by the mainboard but that's pretty standard for a while...if it's not some ubercheap noname board or smth. It's usually no problem to clone the Windows partition to a new SSD, but it's important to check the alignment afterwards, else you will lose performance (I would also install from scratch). In the installed OS make sure that trim-mode is supported and running. Other than that it's handled the same way as a HDD (like partitioning/formating). And there's no way back if you get used to a 10 sec Windows boot
  9. This must be the first time in the history of ET that sentence was formed I guess too that he's talking about sensitivity, but who knows

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