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ET Server New map rotation for F|A - NoQuarter #1 Enemy Territory Gaming Server


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New map rotation for Enemy Territory NoQuarter #1 gaming server:















One map will be replaced on our gaming server after 2-3 weeks. So if you like any map find that map in download section and start posting in the map support topic "Please add this map on NoQ #1 server"


Map in green fonts are the new ones added on our Enemy Territory NoQuarter #1 gaming server.


After 1 or 2 weeks subway will be removed and replaced by Xposed. If you have better suggestions feel free to start posting in map support topics.




We only check map support topics while we add new maps. No matter how much new topics you will create, they all will be ignored. Each map has it's own separate topic, so only post suggestions in that topic.

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hmm... Kai gave you the rotations we talked a while? In this new rotation there are maps that were not suggested: v2base_te, subway and cathedral_final.


Subway had been long in nq2 rotation, and many ppl is bored and tired of it. Same goes to cathedral, was in previous rotations in nq1 and ppl get tired of it fast.


I think you've tried to balance the number of small maps with larger maps but other maps that have been tested for exam. in jay4 could also work well in NQ1 and have never been added to the rotation.

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hmm... Kai gave you the rotations we talked a while?


hrm I am not sure.. if he sended me rotation or not but i created based on NQ 1 statistics of last 2-3 weeks.


NQ 2 is map voting.. and only few players from NQ 1 play on NQ 2. I don't even recall if we ever added v2base on NQ 1...


Their are appx 20-35 maps in ET which are playable.. others are their but then it would be oh this map sucks.. this map is FPS lag... this map is too short... this map has complicated obj...


I have made new map rotation based on avg players on server and considering peak times. Most of this maps can handle up to 32 players.. and seeing peak of avg 30 over last couple of days..


That's what I said in my first post... I will try to keep up with the rapid map change..i.e. every 2-3 weeks we will rotate maps..As said in my first post, I have another map ready to replace Subway after one week :)


I have created next 4 rotations already for NQ 1 and i am open to change it depending on maps feedback topic.


Also, I can't add all maps from jay4 because it uses .81 omnis while NQ #1 uses .71 omnis. We can add maps which have waypoints.. If you have any maps which would be good to change after one week, please let me know and I will add those up.

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