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  1. Happy Birthday thesilentpriest!

  2. Happy Birthday thesilentpriest!

  3. The thompson and mp40 are great weapons to use, but I prefer also the fg42. Since the fg42 can be used to snipe but also as a full automatic weapon.
  4. haha, second pic. I think it is going to work very well.
  5. haha, second pic. Very nice with those sunglasses. Well the future of the subway .
  6. Institutions are a disaster, you need so much patience to get something done, pffff.

    1. castlin


      Congrats Priest ! I'm back :)

  7. The best especially in the spring and the summer. Very refreshing
  8. That is modern material for the police, Well i guess thats what you get with all those cuts in the police force.
  9. haha, first and third pic are very good. How do they do turns in first pic?
  10. haha, great movies. All potential chairs . This must be the best game ever when you are drunk with some people.
  11. nice police bus, should they have here. They have style in China .
  12. Well the first three movies from the bourne series were good in my opinion, so this one could be also a good one even without Matt Damon. I will certainly watch this movie.
  13. thesilentpriest


    It aint Soccer it is Football
  14. Well, second pic guy is not scared of the police. AL Bundy always nice to see him.

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