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Good ol' Strobel


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Hey folks,


finally I'm here... love it or hate it. :D

Some of you might already know me from NQ2.55 server, at least my "arch enemy" Insane, Orel, Pengdubisttot, Reptile 'n some others of you guys.


By now I'm tryin' to get my old ET skills back cuz I've been out of the game for about 1,5 years and got my good days but also a lot of bad ones. Especially when I've gotta face Insane.^^

Well, for the person behind the nick, I'm 26 living in the lovely city of Dortmund, Germany. And yeah, that's the city where Borussia Dortmund comes from and guess what, that's why my nick's colored only yellow and black. *g*


See ya on the server.

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Love it...or hate it? What's that suppose to mean?


Anyways hi.


edit: I know what it actually means, I was curious if people actually 'hated' you.

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You forgot to mention me :(

jk. Welcome to forums, browse through because you will find many interesting topics here. See ya on the bf ;)

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