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  1. looking for a cfg

    cvar_restart; vid_restart; exec your cfg;vid_restart
  2. Publishing F|A Base

    well done!
  3. Playername: vein Link to your steam profile: Desired captains: dont care
  4. Your Super Bowl Picks

    Broncos of course
  5. My band's new demo

    Good stuff Quo!
  6. Jaymod problems

    thanks it worked!
  7. Jaymod problems

    So for like 5 months now I haven't been able to connect to any jaymod servers. I am about to load the map, then it freezes and says ET is not responding and the windows error pops up saying cancel or end now every time. I really have no idea what is happening. Any thoughts?
  8. Oblivion Trailer

    good movie, saw it last night
  9. The Wolverine | trailer

    Looks ok I'll be seeing it when it comes out!
  10. hey it's me, your friend Palmer

    whatsup palmer, welcome to forums
  11. Hello Peeps :)

    Hallo peace good to see you on forums!
  12. My resignation

    ( . ) ( . ) <3
  13. RaNA! Here!

    Welcome to forums Rana. I've played against desi bros before . Have a good stay!