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Transmitter Beta 2 - transmitter-beta2.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Transmitter Beta 2 - transmitter-beta2.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: transmitter-beta2.pk3

Map name: transmitter-beta2.bsp


The Allied forces have a hard time progressing forward as civilists are resisting the invadors being manipulated by the volksempfänger's propaganda program. To break the civil resistance Allied forces have to overtake a local transmitter, which is amplifying the master-signal from Berlin for local receivers. Thus they have to rotate the transmitter's antenna, so it points towards an allied pirate sender. The pirate sender sends on a different frequency, so the allies have to manipulate the frequency by installing a radio modification kit on the transmitter electronics.




Allies have to...

-construct a bridge

-capture the forward hut

-dynamite the serpentine barricade if built by axis

-rotate the receiving antenna located in the tower

-take the radio modification kit from the forrest hut

-dynamite the tunnel grate door OR infiltrate it with a covop

-install the modification kit in the castle



-a gate that can be risen by "hand"

-a bypass tunnel with a triggerable door for the serpentine barricade

-a dynamitable teamdoor (tunnel grate door)

-a neutral command post

-(lame) custom hq voice commands

transmitter waypoints.rar

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