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Is there life after death?


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I cant answer Truthfully, but if you want a funny riddle my friend said, to relieve the Stress, here it is:


Maybe, When you are dying, and You see the Light, maybe that is just you being borne into the next life.

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Is there really life after death?


In games, yes.

In life, sort of.


I don't believe in heaven or anything.. And I don't believe in what people label 'an afterlife'. What I do believe is closer to reincarnation than anything.


Burrial / Cremation, your body/ashes end up in the ground, and decompose. This fertilises ('feeds' if you like) the ground, and provides a perfect environment for life. Whether your body/ashes' decomposition causes the growth of grass, a flower, or a tree, the point is, that is life. Your life ends but your body feeds new life. Then animals / birds will eat the grass / fruit from tree, and sustain their life, and create new lives because they survived by feeding on something your decomposing body fertilised. And eventually, humans will eat something in that chain. So if you like, a piece of your body's 'energy' (in form of fertilisation) works its way up to be ingested by a human being. Sort of like what Buddhists believe, only I'm not mentioning (or referring to) the soul.


This is my point of view, as a realist. It's what I class as 'scientific reincarnation'. I don't believe your soul lives on in the blade of grass, but your body decomposing did create new life after death. The Buddhists (and any other reincarnation-believers) are right in their theory. But I need that scientific explanation to make it real.

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Yes and no. It's existence.... just in a different form than an organic body. I have witnessed alot of deaths in my 22 years in the medical field and have seen alot of "unusual" happenings around an end of life moment.

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