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=F|A= T-shirt CONTEST


yes, thats right, FA is gona make its own t-shirts


THX to =F|A=Exact who will buy shirts and send them to you !!!





the winner of the contest will get the the t-shirt for FREEeeEeEeEeEeEEEEE


here u get the t-shirt pattern for photoshop: http://www.mediafire.com/?x89i84ajy1fg96s


color: white, grey, black

print: front or back or both sides





!!!we dont know exact cost atm!!! (we guess, it wont be more expensive then 15€)


  • colors: depending which color, the cost can variate +/- 2 € /every shirt shirt
  • print: it costs a little bit more printing on both sides
  • people: more people buy it, less it will cost !!!!! so if ur maybe on server or on xfire inform other people...it will be cheaper also for you!
  • shipping: Netherlands €1.84 ; Europe €3.16 ; Worldwide €5.70



who is gona design should also think about costs, its ur choice which color to choose and if u want to print both sides, FA people will decide who the winner is


send me pm of ur design (PDF .PSD file!!!), i'll write new topic where people can vote



every person can send me max 2 designs


DEADLINE: 07/07/2011



POST on this topic:


  1. you want to buy t-shirt? yes, no?
  2. what u think about costs? (so designer get overview what color and print to choose)
  3. whats the max u would spend for =F|A=T-shirt? (for me, when we get more accurate cost of t-shirt, i know approximate how many t-shirts to buy)


i'll keep u guys updated by editing this main page

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Personally I like the t-shirts that Chica and Duckie designed a few years back, but I will let you guys wow me.


Yep, that shirt is epic, but I'm curious to see an ET shirt now :D

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Nice design!


Here i have a live preview on a black t-shirt. (maybe it does look like a grey one)



Front of T-shirt:




Back of T-shirt:


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