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  1. Ch0s3n 0n3's Tips & Tricks about mine's

    Hmm, some people call me a mine expert too. Well, there is one general rule. Don't waste 10 mines on one single spot. Stairs on Goldrush are also usable near bank spawn axis for mines.
  2. Donation bar..

    Amen, I don't have any word to add.
  3. Hmm great news since my subscription will end in July. Already got my second iPhone and love these devices.
  4. Other Happy Valentines Day!

    A little late answer. For the couples have good sexy times and the singles will hopefully have found a date
  5. Fintard out.

    Really a shame to loose a member like you. Take care man Hopefully we will each other soon.
  6. I don't use WSAD...

    Offtopic: Just pinch out the Wsad and arrow keys and switch them
  7. I rofled here so hard Dangerous thingy (I can't call it a car) on the road.
  8. Dare, I'm back.

    Good to have you back Spiritwalker RL Always comes first.
  9. Mc Donalds Nuggets vs Burger King Nuggets

    Luckily I work at the McDonald's Xd. Mcdonald's above Burger King, except for the double cheeseburger.
  10. which energy drink is your fav???

    Red Bull Blue is nice, though I drink not that much energy drink.
  11. mirage intro

    Welcome on the forums! Read the rules and be active On which server you usually play?
  12. Enemy Territory List of Playable Maps

    Perhaps is Tramfight good enough for this list? I like the map
  13. website donate the F|A

    IF you are living in the Netherlands perhaps you should try money2.nl, You can transfer money from ideal to paypal and then easily donate F|A. Worked for me.
  14. Team stacking??

    Well, I think you should look the situation on the map too. Are the attacking teams succeeding their primary and secondary goals? Even with a unbalanced KD ratio this shouldn't mean immeadiatly that it's stacked in the sense that the teams are stuck. But this appart from your example as your example show some differences between the teams.
  15. pissed off garbageman

    Dad, where is the cheque grandma would send me?