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  1. was thinking of you today. Rest easy my friend, your name lives on with your old home server, now known as Abnerdogs Dog house

  2. abnerdog: Member Title L25: Forever in our hearts. Forever =F|A=. Thank you for the opportunity to play the few times we had together. I hope you're kicking some serious ass in COD whereever you are bro..

  3. Peace my friend, peace

  4. hope you are ok.

  5. wasn't on the board much yesterday, but I hope you had a great birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday =)

  7. Happy Birthday abnerdog!

  8. abnerdog

    Abnerdog AFK

    OHHH I think my back hurts more now.
  9. abnerdog

    Pic of the Day 29.09.11

    This topic could be a fun one. Worth watching
  10. abnerdog

    NHL? :o

    Watch out the Sabres have an owner who is not affraid to spend money. They are going to be a team to be watched.
  11. abnerdog


    Awsome!!! Just as long as they do not find JO JO Binks (have no idea how to spell that sorry)
  12. abnerdog

    Abnerdog AFK

    I will be away for a while starting on Friday the 30th. I am having surgery to try and fix my broken back. They are doing a fusion of L3 L4 and L5. I do not know how long I will be laid up. So you will have to find another easy kill for a while.
  13. abnerdog

    Mount Buttmore

    Well most people will agree that politicians are a bunch of asses now theres the proof.
  14. abnerdog

    Pic of the Day 28.09.11

    That second picture has OSHA cringing . Just a few violations.