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  1. f***er! where you at?

    1. Delfonic604


      hahahahaha I am here now....

  2. The last picture is typical Dutch, we are afraid to go on our own to scary delivery addresses.
  3. The first pic doesn't look very good:O What is it?
  4. When I'm at home again...................... Can take some days
  5. I played offline with some bots last week. So I think I'm prepared to fight in the server. Will be there soon!
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/exactos/
  7. I just bought it Will try it this evening.......
  8. I think the last picture is made in Russia.
  9. Exact.


    Ghello Birdman, so you finally decided to sign up for forums, that's a good thing. Welcome!
  10. I like watches of a lot of brands. Now we got something from Apple they call a watch. I just don't understand it....... It looks like a watch I had when I was a little child, with a little screen and some buttons. But one thing is sure, people will buy this shit.....
  11. ENTJ Like all these tests I've done in the past.
  12. I get payed in love every saterday night.
  13. Soooo, you finally fixed ET on new computer? Took a long time buttersssss


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