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  1. No, laughing is always good! I don't hide that I do if often.At least I don't get butthurt over the net.
  2. Captain obvious is aboard. Don't you like sarcasm ? Anyways, feel free to ban me. I am out of here.
  3. True people change. That's where you can find out now that I don't give a shit! Love, Ava<3
  4. Dare please, I told you many times about vent crashing/lagging, but whatever you are the master! You are right and we are wrong! That's how it works right?
  5. Lol, Alex. You're so funny. To answer your question. We did care, but now we don't give a fck anymore
  6. Lol, you guys take all this way too serious. We made an other vent cause the ' official ' one was always lagging or either ET trolls would come in our channel and spam crap. So yes we did our own vent. The other vent was ALWAYS empty... so where's the problem? Only people I can actually remember being active were the cod4 players and some ET like seaside that I can really remember being on regulary. I told Dare many times about the vent issues. I was ON every single day.. why would I be lying about an issue? Anyways my words mean shit, you are right I am wrong. So peace and good luck with this clan. I replied. Sorry if I've been busy with work and some other stuff more important.
  7. When they have to leave? I am the only one that left FA and all of them got kicked out of the clan, cause they were in a different vent. Really? I hate drama, but this is f***ing retarded.
  8. Ded servers will only be for unranked match, so basically it will be like playing a private match, but public. For ranked it will be same as MW2. HOPEFULLY it wont be as messed up. Crossing fingers.
  9. You're completely right, See that's how everyone should be thinking anyways, back on topic! It's easy, you need an Inuit jacket, beanie hat, scarf, gloves and boots. Like that you'll be good to go
  10. What is pretty anyways? What TV says it is? Don't want to start debating on that I might end up being mad Nice pic Joe, you should do a concert somewhere in Canada
  11. Avaa

    cancer gone

    damn, that's some good news indeed!

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