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So Glad I am a clan member


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Not to sit here and bad mouth another clan but have any of you played on the BOK server? I just got banned on their server for "spawn killing". I shot one of their clan members twice because obviously I picked that he would spawn in front of where I was running twice in a row. They really are the worst clan I have ever seen...


If you jump you get yelled at, if you toss a nade you get yelled at, if you say anything to anyone you get yelled at, if they don't like your name you get yelled at, if you "hop" you get yelled at, and lastly if they tell you something and you so much as reply back and say say I didn't do that they will yell at you then kick you. I am so glad to be a part of a clan that is realistic and not a bunch of little e-thugs like BOK. It's no wonder their servers always have 4 people in them...




Long live F|A Clan!

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U are late honey :) I think Dixus was the first one to get banned there. Then I think it was me. :)


Thats why our motto is simple: We stick by rules and if we have no proof we unban. Sometimes we don't show proof to public but it all goes in our archive. :) No proof in our archive = instant Unban.

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lol right BOK is a dumbass clan with a dumbass leader. I dont remember his name. But i was kicking his ass with deagle and knife. Then he banned me for no reason. excl.gif Just remember. Dont play on BOK servers.



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Ironicly, we get BOK members on our servers regularly, or at least hardcore mixed. Most of them have been decent guys.


Speaking of Hardcore, mixed, it has been lonely. Come back guys, leave your flashy new game alone.

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I've played on there a couple of times...they seemed not to like me and now i know why. lol. But I havent been banned yet, maybe I should try really hard next time and see what they do.

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