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  1. Loki

    Hey dem, you still alive? I’m calling all the zombies up from the grave!

    1. daredevil


      @Loki @Demir @Funksdead @KILLERGUN @speedfact - Amigos, get together in 2019? 

    2. speedfact


      gods help us if we all get back together...would be an epic server destroying party

  2. Demir

    Hello all

    Seems like every time I get on CoD4 now there's hardly anyone on the servers *sad face*
  3. Demir

    Hello all

    Yes I'm back. I play again lol. I was on a break once I had my little boy.
  4. Hello to everyone I don't know and where are all the old school FA dudes at? I miss the old days play cod4 with all your old asses
  5. I know a lot of the new guys don't know me but I wanted to let any of the old members know that I'm still alive and doing well. I just got married in June, bought a house last September, got 2 beautiful Labrador Retrievers and just had my first child 3 weeks ago. He was a healthy baby boy weight 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/2 inches long and 2 weeks early. I haven't been playing Cod4 at all due to these additions to my life. I do plan on stopping in every once in a while to say hi and see if I can still play the game. Best wishes to all, Jeremy aka Demir
  6. So I was thinking at work last night and I would really like to make or help make a montage with members of the clan. If anyone has any suggestions or anything feel free to let me know on xfire or on here. Thanks
  7. I know some of you know me from my previous membership and I missed you guys. I want to introduce myself to all of the new members that I have ran into and don't know. I've been playing COD for about 5 years now and have been on the =F|A= servers for almost 4 of those years. I own every cod from 4 to Black Ops 2. If any of you ever want to play any of the others, chat, ask for advice or just try to get to know me then hit me up on here or on xfire. To Dare, If you ever need anything hit me up. You know how i roll. Hope to see you all ingame, or team speak or chatting on xfire.
  8. I wanna get killbox back up and popular. It's my home away from home on cod. I'm a noob at hardcore
  9. The bounces are fun for sniping at times when you are bored. What do you guys think about the buildings on crash that you can get on and be hard to kill or the buildings you can get in on ambush that allow you to be barely seen?
  10. Demir, congrats man!!! Its great to have an "old timer" back, you and a few others were the reason I decided to join in the first place. Hope to see ya in game soon!

  11. I would join you guys on killbox. It was my home away from home for a long time
  12. wtf dude ...I will see you around ...hit me up

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