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  1. Ethan

    League of legends

    I play a ton of League of Legends, been playing for a year and a bit, add me! IGN: Ethaaaaan
  2. Ethan

    Hey, its been awhile

    Its great to see that so many people still play cod4! Cant wait to play again!
  3. Ethan

    Hey, its been awhile

    Hey everyone, names Ethan. Havent been on the forums in ages. I was an old COD4 member. I stopped playing due to the fact that I lost my keycode. I was just wondering, how many people still play COD4? I recently started playing again after I found my keycode and would love to see if I could play with some old friends.
  4. Hey man, long time to talk, lol

    how you doing? still playing LoL?

  5. Ethan


    Hey guys, havent been on in awhile, computer issues, all fixed now, but anyways.. i went to go play cod4 and it said my profile was lost...everything gone anyone know if i can fix that??
  6. hey how are you old friend? :)

  7. Ethan

    MGMT - Kids

    They are both amazing songs imo
  8. Ethan


    heh, i agree with that, i dont play it, but ive been hit with one before :|
  9. Ethan

    Rage quit stories

    LOL great story!
  10. Ethan

    League of Legends

    Alright, see you on sometime, when do you normally play?
  11. Ethan

    League of Legends

    Added I'm guessing you still play?
  12. Ethan

    League of Legends

    Its all about opinions and i agree that at times it can be annoying when there are people who intentionally feed
  13. Ethan

    League of Legends

    Ive been very addicted to this game, ive gotten pretty good at it, if you wanna add me my name is Ethaaaaan(5 a's)
  14. Ethan

    I'm Back

    Welcome back!
  15. Ethan

    Avaa got a Triple :o

    Wow, very nice shot avaa!