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  1. Other than my EDC 1911, I lost all my guns in a tragic boating accident in Lake Raystown.
  2. Any time they are changed from Hardcore TDM to CTF.
  3. You know, you're one of the only people here who's been around longer I'd bet. :-P just because I suck you call me a nub.... And I did check the forums, some. Of course, the forums are massive.
  4. The fact the the maps are never changed on 1.6. Also that 1.6 seems to be TDM, and is now a ghost town :-(
  5. Tried that, however it is on the my secondary HD on this computer. The registry of course brings up the primary drive, and I'm not smart enough to figure it out. However as of last night there is a steam sale of everything COD. So I just bought the damned game again. I'll update my info once it is downloaded - of course I'll need to hunt down the info to get back to 1.6.
  6. It does not come up. Which is why I've been unable to play. Nothing comes up when I type it in a self server.
  7. I would love a server. HC. No martydom. CTF/DOM. Most HC servers say no standing/running, which is dumb. Currently there is one HC server which is always full that does CTF. Another server says no last stand and does mixed game types CTF/Dom/HQ, and is often full.
  8. I'm a Paramedic. I did 10 years as a Army Medic & am now a mortarman. I study history.
  9. Takes 7 years here in PA. Of course, since there was a verbal agreement (IE like a favor) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the property would not have changed hands. It only includes "abandoned" property.
  10. Despite what others may have said. Just can't find my CD-key for COD4, and I'll be damned if I'm paying 25 bucks for a new copy. Anyway why don't we have a Black Ops server?

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