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Car Accident


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Hey guys,

I want to explane how it comes i havent been online for last month,

6 weeks ago me and my friend came from a party that some friends of us gave,

around 01:00 we driven back home,we took the highway,everything was okay after that we took highway exit,around 500 meters or further something strange happend,

a car in front of us started to brake for no reason.


My friend his reaction time was too slow to handle the situation,so the bad thing happend he crashed into the car in front of us,after that the car slipped into a tree,

my friend had a blackout and i didnt know what just happend some seconds ago :confused,the only thing i knew for sure was,that i broke some bones,because i had a terrible stitch at chest/near my belly.

witnesses called the ambulance and 2/3 mins later they appeared,they took us to the hospital for a diagnosis and they discoverd i had some broken ribs,broken nose and a bruised knee.


Today its the first day im out of the hospital and i still take alot of medicine because of the pain,i might be able to see u guys at the servers in a few days,

Well thats it for now,got any questions,just ask mates :)







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It sucks to hear that, as long as there's no permanent injury to anyone I suppose it'll be alright.

Better don't mix driving and parties unless you are sure whoever is driving didn't drink that night or isn't too tired.


Take your time recovering.

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