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  1. Still around

    Hey folks! Just letting you all wonderful people know that im still around. Im happy to be here and see you on forums and ET servers! Have a nice day!
  2. World of Tanks

    Olmaize <---- my nick Kinda stopped ot playing cuz played it too much I`ll be back. But yes its addictive and very interesting especially if you play with your friends.
  3. Other Happy holidays and Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas everyone
  4. Your first server

    I think my first was one of those "war games servers" is I remember right. Then I moved to VS until I found F|A
  5. SAGE tournament

    The next one in in UK - Wales/Swansea. Middle of September
  6. GamesTV

    Have fun !
  7. Is brink dead?

    They compare it to ET because of obj and teamplay but aim, strafe and actualy teamplay itself is way more different. Just my opinion.
  8. Is brink dead?

    nabies tried to compare this game to ET. There is still brink championship going on tho lol
  9. Defending Bremen™

    there is 1hs at o.52
  10. DayBreak

    I have been asking for this map since I joined F|A I like it and as said above on this map axis are attacking. And please dont say that this is lagfest map because you say it about every map. I would say yes for this. /Edit. The same goes for jaymod too.
  11. et server suggestion FA vs Regular

    Dont know if mod matter since it is for fun. We did it couple of times on jaymod and it was amazing
  12. Lol ET the song

    omg haha laughing tears atm. Thanks for the post
  13. ZeeKoh's bad luck!

    Nice to see you are getting better mate See you on jay soon!
  14. ET useful scripts

    is 180 degree script allowed?
  15. Does anyone else love SLAC?

    This guy played agaisnt us. http://sl-anticheat.com/screenshot.php?id=130936 We played on SLAC forced server but he was suspicious so we checked him and made a report. Don`t forget to check SS