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  1. @Pici, u can get ur own conclusions i think that machine existed:P @sinopsis, the remake isnt like the first one but it has similar things, anyway it isnt recommended if u have epilepsy risk on ur family unfortunatly there's epilepsy risk for me :/ i'll try it anyways when i arrive to the city
  2. What's Polybius? Polybius is for some people is just a single game, and for another people is a myth more than a game. This game was made by "Sinneslöschen" that means "lost of senses". This story starts in 1981, in the city of Portland, Oregon, USA. Polybius consists in a arcade cabinet and encompasses 11 levels, 5 enemy patterns, full attract mode, highscores table, full diagnostic mode and a panoply of visual and auditory effects. The game was something revolutionary for this times, de colors and the sounds made of Polybius a very addictive game, but the most attractive thing of this game are the secrets and consecuences that the game was hidding. Players said that after playing it they had nightmares, nausea, and game aversion. Another important consecuence was Amnesia, people who played this game started to forget what was the game about. They said that people wearing black clothes entered to this places, check the higher scores and stared in front of the machine looking to the players. Subliminal messages are other characteristics of the game, when the game starts you can see hided words and scary faces who are approaching to the screen. These are some words that appears in the game: • Obey • Stay asleep • Honor apathy • Submit • Surrender • Ni ideas • No imagination • Do not question authority • Games corrupt • Reward indifference • Consume – Consume • Obey authority • Cooperate • Work 8 hours • Sleep 8 hours • Play 8 hours But some of these subliminal messages aren't bad, it seems like the creators of the game wanted us to follow the law. These game ended 1 month after it started, Portland's newspaper said that one kid died after playing this game, he had a epilepsy attack. 1 day after these ocurred people dressed with black clothes took away all the Polybius machines. Who are those black dressed guys? take your own conclusions. This game isn't recommended for people with epilepsy problems. The game can be downloaded from here: http://www.sinnesloschen.com/1.php The information had been taken from Sinneslöschen's main page. Special thanks to Bauerctu from Taringa.
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    Description: ====================== OBJECTIVES ====================== Download pk3 name: et_ufo_final.pk3 Map Name: ET UFO ----------Axis Objectives---------- Defend the main gate. Defend the side gate. Defend the UFO documents. Prevent the Allies from transmitting the UFO documents. Prevent the allies from constructiong the command post. ---------Allied Objectives--------- Destroy the main gate. Destroy the side gate. Get the UFO documents. Transmit the UFO documents. Constuct the command post.
  4. Version


    Download pk3 Name: reactor_b2.pk3 Map Name: Reactor B2 Description: Changes from _alpha 1. Swapped out skybox 2. Slighty decreased the speed of truck 3. Changed hint icon on security doors to show dyno icon for both sides 4. Added command map icons to show status of both coolant tanks when destroyed 5. Added water sounds when coolant tanks draining, pump sounds when coolant tanks are refilling 6. Added bits of cover in the outside
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    Download pk3 name: am_hydro_dam_b1.pk3 Map name: Hydro Dam Includes 2 script fix. Description: Axis and Allied forces have set up operations on either side of a dam, each must collect and return an objective to their bases. Access to the objective is by means of a successful dynamite charge at enemy door. Control of base flags leads to forward spawn opportunity.
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    Download pk3 name: pha_horus.pk3 Map name: Eye of Horus (Final) Allied Objectives : 1- Capture the Forward Spawn. 2- Construct the Command Post. 3- Destroy the Pyramid Entrances. 4- Destroy the Tunnel Sealing and Entrance. 5- Steal the Obelisk and Secure it in the truck 6- Escort the Truck. Axis Objective : Prevent Allied from doing all this. MAPPER'S NOTE : This map is FPS Efficient everywhere. It has been heavily tested during 2 months on a 24 slots server. The gameplay is very balanced and the map is a lot of fun. you will not have time to get bored. Engineers and Covert ops are the most useful classes. Try it and you will not be disappointed.
  7. pff i was uploading taht map... i will have to upload another one.. :< Anyways is a great map
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