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  1. I'm working in the computer science for a Dutch multinational, but there's also a lot of interest for mechanical and/or electrical engineers. In those work area's in the Netherlands, but also across the border, are companies very interested in you.
  2. Living in the Netherlands, I have two very important additions to your statement on "no better unemployment protection as education". Education on itself isn't enough. I've known many people with a masters degree, however only few of them find jobs in their area. There is no money for the alpha or gamma studies (art, psychology). On the other hand, education can work against you. I've been rejected by multiple companies on being over educated. My bachelor is what they'd wanted (of a university of applied science), a master is only extra money put in someone's theoretical knowledge, why pay for that? I agree that education is a solution, but stating education is the solution isn't true. I know my company, about 1000 employees in the Netherlands, has 50 vacancies open for full time employees; but can't find them and hence is also looking across the border. But they aren't simply interested in everyone with a master; although everyone with a MSc comes close®
  3. CoD4 is not developed in/with .net. Since the framework it is a library used for programs using .net, I guess there is another app, in .net, that makes your pc (feel) slower. Yes you can remove it, no you shouldn't. .net is very integrated in Win7 and up.
  4. Happy Birthday rolf!

  5. I bother if the success of the activity has a direct correlation to the chance on getting laid.
  6. rolf

    Drug Tests

    True. I'm just against the general assumption that everyone who drinks beer only does so to get drunk. Btw, on FA, that would more or less need an international alcohol survey
  7. rolf

    Drug Tests

    Then the majority I meet is in that case different than the majority of the US people you're talking about Also, the general opinion of Europe about budweiser makes your point valid
  8. rolf

    Drug Tests

    I already stated that I have never used weed in my life. But since it is legal here, I know quite a lot of people using weed. At the age of ~15. Many turned out okay, but that's because the people I know at the age of ~15 weren't retards. No, you smoke to relax. Same for cigarettes afaik. I'd suggest you to look up the origins of beer (those in Europe). Alcohol in beer was never a requirement, and currently isn't. Perhaps in some countries or point of views (especially those who want to pickup drunk chicks), and perhaps those are the majority, but not in my group of friends (and of their friends). Same for wine though.
  9. rolf

    Drug Tests

    "The difference is that I can drink a beer and still function." With the exception of alcoholics and students, I could often tell if someone had over 2 beer. Also that is the conclusion of people who decide they can still can drive after 2 beers. "You smoke to get high." Nope, you smoke to relax. At least, that's what others tell me. I agree with you that as an employer you shouldn't want to work with anyone who gets high or drunk in his spare time, however there are distinctions. Getting drunk is one thing, but post-college students, those with their first job (like me), still hang out at bars sometimes, and probably will for the rest of my life And sometimes I drink a beer too many. But drinking too much is different than drinking to get drunk. I don't care that much what people do in their spare time, although I have a strong preference to be as similar as me because that's awesome. But during work, I expect everyone to be sober. Imho that should be tested if required or expected differently, not on the interview. To get a similar perspective, would you hire people who break the speeding rules? Those with a criminal convict? Overly religious people? For the second I'd strongly consider in which field they'd be working -and in the Netherlands you're allowed to check upon that- but for the others as long as it doesn't interfere with their work I might consider someone else if there'd be many for the job, but it wouldn't be a hard rule to dismiss them immediately.
  10. rolf

    Drug Tests

    Weed is a soft drugs, Alcohol is a hard drugs. Only difference is acceptance. Alcohol is more addicting than weed. To @Melgibson: If I drink a beer, I still notice it two hours later. If I drink a couple more, I hate waking up the next morning. Alcohol isn't a kind drug, and the effects are noticeable even after one (for me at least). And no, I wouldn't want to hire someone who used weed recently. Nor do I want an alcoholic. Nor do I want someone who isn't sober on his/her interview. Btw, I'm a hard working fellow who hasn't used weed in his entire life (did some alcohol though ). And I know many more. However, just to get reference, I'm Dutch, weed is legal here. Not everyone wants to try the limits on every area, pushing that to "stuck in their shell and egregiously immature" is exactly how you say it. "Someone who is a raging alcoholic could easily pass a drug test". Nope, then he/she wouldn't be a raging alcoholic Also, I've never heard of a alcohol test other than the work areas where being sober is a strong requirement (truck driver, factory work, possibly hospital, etc).
  11. What exactly does the IC chips on your motherboard do? -- Well, since there are about 40 different, I can't answer that for every one In data bit packing what bit tells the HDD to access the next data pack? -- Generally you don't need to know this. What does Windows 32 bit do that makes software run on it? -- What 32 bit does? What Windows does? Or what an OS in general does? I can't answer all questions. Luckily I'm a software developer, and these are user issues I'm totally unaware of Or hardware issues, which isn't my problem
  12. I was a real camper in paintball yesterday. Except for the few suicide runs. In-game, rushing hurts less, so I do that pretty much always.
  13. UPS, packages... Good chance every non-connecting states interstate package goes over the worldport. And then it's a number of timing; if the CA flight left just before arrival of your package, you'll lose one or two days. Take that over the weekend and here we are Another option is it is using a smaller hub, with less frequent flights. /me worked for about 3 years for a package delivery where I delivered to the homes. Currently I work -although not on that project- for a company that has UPS as a major customer. I've been quite interested in these subjects for some reason; mainly the scheduling of those
  14. Contact another Dutch person (easy), who donated earlier already (trustworthy, at least for FA ), and has already donated in the name of other people (knows how it works). Not to complex example: me. I usually request money upfront and return the http://fearless-assassins.com/store/gift-vouchers/ as soon as possible. At this moment I'm quite busy however, so asap is not so soon.
  15. I rather make appointments over the phone... I usually won't talk for hours, except for with my sisters. And usually at least one of us is in the car, waste of time otherwise

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