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Restoring ET


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Guys, I have an ongoing issue when i accidently start the ET game again while one is already running. I fail to notice that at the bottom of the task bar im already in the game. Butt i click on again to login and BAM! I loose everything. XP. All settings. In the past I had to try and do a restore point to get back my xp and settings. However, for whatever reason my pc is not allowing a restore point of my c-drive where ET is located. Any suggestions, or just start over.

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23 hours ago, TRU BLOOD said:

i accidently start the ET game again while one is already running


Did you have 2 ETs running on the same Silent-mod server?  I doubt that Silent will allow that.  It may have blocked your second ET instance from gaining xp for your first connection's SIL:GUID, or something like that.  Maybe your 2nd ET showed 0 xp, but your first one was okay?  Maybe.  If that ever happens again, just stop the second connection before you do anything.


Save the silent.dat file from your Silent folder AND the etkey from your ETmain folder.


What server did that happen on?




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Normally when you connect with 2 installations it will kick you for duplicate GUID so I wonder what is going on. Do you run regular ET or ETLegacy?

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once u get it fixed up .. get out ur external drive or thumb .. and save it all there so next time u dont loose it all. i still have stuff saved from back in bunker.  im not a fan of w10 either its like a stupid cell phone.lol

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When I first tried Windows 10, It wouldn't let Me change config settings...

Then I turned off App Control in Defender.

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