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  1. The funny fact is i never wanted to stop smoking, i Started to read the book and it made click. I stopoed 01.01.2000
  2. Alan Carr helped me to stop smoking cugarettes. After 20 years i Started to smoke cigars and cigarillios
  3. Make Sure yoou dont run any background programma wich affecting ET.
  4. yeah ,was meaned as random info for legacy users
  5. From an other forum : ET:Legacy mouse stutter/lag fix So those who have somekind of mouse problems when they use legacy like mouse feels laggy & not so smooth than in original ET i have fix for this to do these you must open your console ingame and type these cmds: in_mouse "3" in_restart what is in_mouse ? it is raw input. "Raw input, part from bypassing the windows settings, makes your mouse movement independent of framerate. Previously, fps did affect your mouse movement so you would need like 250+ to be sure your mouse isn't going to have negative
  6. https://youtu.be/NUiGkDB_48s
  7. set fov1 "+movedown; cg_fov 90; cg_crosshairSize "24" set fov2 "-movedown; cg_fov 100; cg_crosshairSize "42" set fvo "vstr fov1" set fvu "vstr fov2" bind MOUSE2 "+vstr fvo fvu" I use that try it
  8. indeed there is : seta r_finish "1" change to 0 and retry
  9. sounds likne v-sync enabled
  10. Fov for 16:9 is 106,27 For 16.10. Is 100,39 I have 16:9 but Used to play 100 fov
  11. Gladiator


    Maybee delete All non original pk3 files
  12. I Used some years a go + sprint on a external usb pedal coundt reach shift. Now After some time i got ride of it.
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