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  1. There is a Mac client for ET Legacy https://www.etlegacy.com/download Might be the easiest way
  2. Congratz Gladiator !! 

    Well deserved 😊

  3. Happy birthday have a great day
  4. I would give Etl a try and see if it's system or insall
  5. He is using Etl, it's so few cars from 2.60b arnt working. I suggest yot open console and rype on /writeconfig name. cfg. Then u gave a cfg file which u can edit
  6. r_primitives 2 AMD card need r_primitives 2 set in cfg. You can set this in console too and do after a /vid_restart
  7. Gladiator

    ET guid [fixed]

    Np took me some days to find out So you run Etl
  8. Gladiator

    ET guid [fixed]

    do u use legacy perhaps? try to disable your antivirus might help . you can whitelist etl.exe then it should work .
  9. I prefer most axis as they mostly defend
  10. Gladiator


    Try ET legacy
  11. whats about the yawspeeed and pitchspeed settings? on legacy they are default set to 140 it 2.60b they are 0 atleast at etpro, dont they give you accereration ? whats they recommended settngs for it ?
  12. You can create your own cfg. Just type in console /writeconfig name of file. Cfg Using cfg from other players can mess things up. Etl has also some cvars removed from 2.60b configs.
  13. Depends wich mod u play you must put it in the modfolder under Users/my documents/Etlegacy Were did u found that legacy. Cfg?
  14. if i ever, i mean if i ever see you here again ..... Welcome to the forum
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