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  1. There are secret rooms in all mlb maps so the creators could test spawn times and etc. Most servers that know what they are doing either have the final release of the maps which has them disabled or if they are running betas they versions they have have an added script to block the teleports. Is it really that much fun to sit in a room and wreck a good map by changing spawn times and launching massive panzer attacks. However, as long as we don't categories these as an exploit, I understand. As far as Speed Racer goes, that was to help him change his spawn is all. I can understand his anger if it was done on purpose.
  2. Im sure this may have been brought up in the past. DAYBREAK Map has an oblivious exploit that was not designed in the OG map. This is where Allies can walk in the air and pick off the Axis's Team. A lot of complaints arise from this. So if someone has another version, I believe the map was fixed at one time. As a result, a player Speed RAcer still wondering around the beginning of the map (Axsis) and appeared to be lost while Axsis advanced to the Dynomite the map. I commented and got no response. I used Splat, to bring him to our spawn but he respawned again at the beginning of the map. I then realized he had his spawn set to the beginning and asked him if he knew how to reset it several times. He went on a rant about admin abuse at that point, and I explained I was trying to help him get to our spawn. He said that he was trying to kill the sky walkers that were using the exploit. All this can be corrected with a no controversial map if possible. TY
  3. Wow my third home with the homies. Thank you guys, and Happy Birthday to all who share the same Birthday.
  4. I went through the cfg now that I finally have some Holiday time. Made some changes in the config. So far it seems to be working. Color change will no be pasted in the console instead of using the /exec command. Guys thank you for all your time so far. And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Beard, Gengis, and Rendel for the time!
  5. etconfig.cfg Doh...sorry about that
  6. Sure, Im assuming the name file. name.cfg seta name ^1=^3F^1|^3A^0Tru^3+^1BL@@D

    Silent HC Issue

    Since I purchased a new PC with W-10 from W-7, I have had several issues that through trial and error figured out with help from Redbeard and Gengis. However, the main server HardCore I cannot use the \exec name.cfg command without getting kicked out. Now I cant get back in at all. I have used this for years with no problem. Yesterday I cleared out the cache for Silent mod and was able to get back in. Today it was suggested to use a forward slash /exec name.cfg to see if that worked. Nope! it just got me kicked again and now I cant get back in to HC. All the other servers Recruiting, Jay-2, Beginners, ect. no issues, however my name remains white in color because of this issue. However it seems to be only a silent issue from what Im gathering. Attached is a screen shot of the error I get when connecting to HC. The issue appears to be the \. I guess it sees this as a login name and wont accept it. However I cannot find it at all in the Silent folder.


    Ok I tried forward slash /exec name.cfg It says it cannot execute. The folder is in my et main folder also. So now I back to square one after doing this /exec name.cfg . I reset the cache and still the error shows \ error and does not see my name. I guess it is seeing \ as a name field and its not accepted. Cannot connect to HC at all. But now I cant get rid of it. This is an Obivious Silent Mod issue because I can connect to all the other F|A servers with no problem, however im staying with a white name ...lol for now.


    Ok dumped the cache. All good. But the \exec name.cfg don't work on Silent. Makes difficult to change colors. Is there a different command for silent to execute a name file.


    All servers work great, But Silent. The issues is that I use \exec Tru.cfg to change my name in the game. LOL I guess Silent does not like \ So it must be in my Cache file for silent and wont allow me in because of the \. I guess my question would be, if I cleared the cache in the Silent folder would that work? Because it still sees my \ (back slash) as an issue. And so how would you do a name change is \exec tru.cfg does not work in the console?


    Well New reinstall. Figured out my issues. W-7 install vs. W-10 install. Some corrupt files and not a full uninstall was found. New GUIDs have been submitted and only need a level reset. Thanks agains to all F|A involved and help from members.


    Quote "You could try /snd_restart and check the volume settings in the ET menu." OK, I used /snd_restart. It worked. However, when I leave the game and come back, No sound until I do it again... Also on Recruiting server, it keeps asking me to create a name. Not saving the files.


    Ok, Fixed but no sound in game But I removed Silent and silent config (Deleted) and regenerated by connecting. All well but no sound. In game sound is on but nothing from game. My system sound is working. Owell!


    Dam I hate W-10!! Not sure but I will try again in the morning. Im at work now. If not, Looks like another reinstall coming

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