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  1. That's fine either way. I just think it would add another demention to the game. Sounds like fun.
  2. Thank you for the info. 5 times seems too long though. 3 would be more fun. I like to see if its possible on Hardcore silent mod would be neat. A little something more to peak interest.
  3. I was wondering if there was a possibility of a command for ET players to put Bounty on the other team for repeated kills in a game. The reward could be extra points etc. I say at least 3 or 4 kills on you by the opposing team. Any opinions....
  4. hi buddy  glad to see u here.. good luck with ur trial u got any questions  or need any help u can hit me up in a pm. 

  5. My mistake. The guid is from the Jaymod server. Im at work right now and will change it tonight when I get home. Thank you

    1. L3ftY.


      No problem Tru.  It will get sorted no worries. 

  6. Thank Daredevel, Ill try anything. If you have the time, yes please send me procedure for this site. The way I try it wasn't working. Thanks again
  7. This all happen when I was trying to resolve my Resolution issue. I guess trying to stop from loosing the settings it changed other settings too. No matter, Im back to restart and it seems to have been staying. I am still having issues with the resolution setting when I log into the game. I tried all the settings that were suggested, and still the setting defaults to 800. I still have to change it in game then restart the game. Pain in the azz, but it works. Anyway, guys thank you for all your time into resolving my issue. This is why I decided to return to F|A.
  8. I was in the et main folder to remove my old profiles from Bunker 1- and 1 community that has disbanded. However the |>B<| profiles were only removed. Not too sure if something elso may of been attached to those files that made the guid change. BTW. thank you for fixing my name. I tried several times but was unable too.
  9. I was around 22000 before it reset to zero about 2 weeks ago. I restarted shortly after, and was fine with that. About 3 days ago it was increasing until today, is when I noticed the reduction in xp.
  10. A few weeks ago I made a post in regards to my screen Resolution not saving. I attempted many different ideas that were suggested and still will not save. All my other settings saved but not the resolution for whatever reason. Having said that and yes its a pain in the azz to have to set it every login but one other thing that I noticed is that I lost all my XP. So I started over again, and returned a few days later and again my XP has dropped from 10,000 plus down to 3500. Not sure what's going on just yet but nothing has changed on my end that im aware of. Im running the following system: Windows 7. (7.2 version RAM: 8.00 Gigs with 3.96 still available 64 Bits Processor: Intel R, TM, i7 cpu, 860 @2.80 ghz, Yeah Yeah, I know its getting old, by the years end I will upgrade. Any ideas would be appreciated. thx
  11. Hay guys I have an issue with saving my screen resolution in the game. I'm running a 42 in h screen. When I sign into Hardcore server it defaults to 800x. I change it in the settings to 1280x738 and it plays fine. Once I log out and come back in it resets to the default. How to I keep it to my settings. Thanx
  12. Ill have to start counting because it seems like its the same maps repeatedly. Thx
  13. I guess that they might of disabled that feature possibly. Sounds like it would work!
  14. The map voting is so repetitive that people are either leaving or going to spec. I get the voting for maps, but the same maps are over and over again. Is there a way, to limit how many times the same map can be played say within a 60 min. time limit. It would allow for a varity of other maps to be explored.
  15. I Love playing ET-NAM!!! It has awesome trip mines, weapons etc. Im in !00%

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