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V2 Base - v2base.pk3 Final

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About This File

Download PK3 Name: v2base.pk3

Map Name: v2base.bsp



Axis have captured an old fortress and built a V2 Base test facility to evaluate the new V2 rockets, Allied forces have intercepted this information and are trying to steal the secret V2 Rocket design blueprints.



- Steal the V2 Rocket blueprints from the Axis base.

- Transmit the blueprints using the base radio.

- Destroy the Base Wall to get free passage into the V2 Base.

- Capture the Fortress Tower Spawn.

- Destroy the basement storage wall for additional access route.

- Construct the command post.

- Construct the Fortress ladder for optional route into the base

- Construct the field and spawn MG42's



- Prevent the Allied forces from stealing the V2 Rocket blueprints (When stolen sirens turns on globally).

- Prevent the Allied forces from transmitting the documents using the base radio.

- Prevent the Allied forces from destroying the Base Wall.

- Construct the command post.

- Destroy the Fortress ladder (if constructed by Allies)

- Destroy the field MG42's (if constructed by Allies)


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