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Removing Enemy Territory.



Greetings Everyone!



I am Robinson as you probably know. I am writing to you because the perpetual procrastination is finally beginning to catch up with me. It is becoming harder and harder for me to deny that the amount of time and effort I am pouring into ET is debilitating me and depriving me, my other responsibilities and my loved ones, friends the time they, I need.


The reason I have to resort to such drastic measures as laving the clan, and deinstalling ET is that I know very well that without burning all my bridges I would sooner rather than later relapse into gaming.


This might happen anyway. The mind is weak and the struggle to become a better man is hard and paved with pain. I might return to ET or to some other method to avoid hardship anyway without even trying it is even worse. I am a trained sociologist, I know a slippery slope when I see one.


The community You are extremely dear to me. In fact, your kindness and understanding makes it even harder to keep gaming in moderation. Forgive me for betraying the trust you have bestowed upon me.


Thank you everything. With this blogpost, I would like to file a formal request to null my application and admin rights.


I would like to wish you good luck in life, good hunting in game and that you will never have to compromise on your principles. I owe you tremendous joy and *unfortunately too* many happy hours.



It was real fun with You, too fun.





Steven, Robinson_Cruseur


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No one was ever able to leave ET :) No one :) You will return back sooner or later like all did :)


Good luck with life and take care my friend.

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Thanks But i have done such things before, I have kicked WoW, Europa universalis, kicked smoking( but failed with coffee though) I am pretty good at this although coming back to answer messages might not be the smartest thing to do,...

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Just for the record, when you return back to gaming, let us know and your trial will be re instated. We don't remove members because of real life issues.


You can always check forums time to time because it's not gaming :P Just interaction :)

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wtfbbq noo :(


when you come back (not if, WHEN) i'll give you tons of hugs :D

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Like daredevil said,NO ONE was EVER able to leave ET,NO ONE! :D I know that from myself,i've quited many games and things too in my life,but believe me,once ET got you,you'r screwed :D See you soon i hope! :)

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