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Webcomics for procrastination



Hello everyone,


I know sorry for posting the second episode of our II. World war alternative interpretation, but I am enduring the first shocks withdrawal effects and feeling a little miserable as a result. To compensate you here are some easy to digest ( and some a little less easy) webcomics for your leisure.


1)Dilbert Who could forget about Dilbert! :unsure: Our everyday workplace comic.




2)Questionable Content. Witty drama about music and an anthropomorphic computer. Hilarity ensues. SFW(apart from being a webcomic, ofc)


3)Cyanide and Happiness Puns, sex jokes, and more puns. A highly successful webcomic probably known to you all. NSFW


4) Oglaf Totally NSFW! That's its appeal though. 18 + and stuff, hard material (the linked page is okay though)


5)Subnormality The comic with way too much words. This is the most intellectual of all. With a sphynx!


Keep reading, the entries are now way in order of importance!

6)PHD Comics. About a phd student. not update fast enough.


7)All New Issues. I am fairly sure it is about comics in the old fashion style.


8) The Joy of tech You have got to read this


9) Penny Arcade comics. Do I need to tell you more?


10 )http://xkcd.com/897/ Sarcasm, math, language and common sense, Like it!


11) Please post YOUR favourite webcomics here and I will incorporate them into this list(with your names mentioned ofcourse)



cya soon.


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Is that a webcomic or a regular comic? We should definitely have a vote on best comics once we got a decent list!

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if you leave the link like http://xkcd.com/897/ it will always point to that one, but if you put just xkcd.com it will display the latest. It updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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