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    2. GI-JOE


      Speedo hasn't replied to my messages since november so I assume he's either eye-ball deep in kids or dead, I'm not gettin any younger :P

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      That is sad to hear. You two would have made beautiful little GI-Speedos. Oh well, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side... The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest... What I am trying to say is that he is such a slut, right?

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      Totally! 💔

  2. Did you read any of those linked articles? I went through about half of them and those are my findings: There is one about a brawl between two sports clubs in a tournament. I am not 100% sure if it counts as immigrants attacking locals if the immigrants are just people from another town in Germany. Greek left wing extremist groups, czech immigrants and "east europeans" were in one article each if you count those as non-europeans you might add them to the 6% of those articles that actually cover immigrant criminal activity. Most of them were false alarms, done by mentally ill or drunk people or the police is still investigating the crime (with no indication if the suspect is german or an immigrant in either of those cases). I guess if you just search for "flüchtig" (on the run) and just interpret it as "Flüchtling" (refugee) you get a lot of results to rile people up who don't know the difference either. And you got some really odd ones in there like a person who blew himself up trying to break into an ATM and just some random missing person (I guess if a person goes missing it has to be those dirty immigrants because before they came into Germany there weren't any missing people ever). Happy *in' PS: Thank you for adding France, England and Sweden to Germany. I wasn't aware of that Anschluss as I had a long sleep last night. I guess a lot of things happened in that time period.
  3. In case you guys are interested in more good news from rio this subreddit might be something for you: https://www.reddit.com/r/apocalympics2016 Happy *in'
  4. Just a heads up, the 16 Player CO-OP server is not reachable for player with Linux and (presumably MacOS) due to a bug in the source engine. Post by the developer: https://steamcommunity.com/app/222880/discussions/1/357288572118384998/ The theater file is zipped so it doesn't progress in the download. Linux users are basically stuck in the loading screen with the download till they get timed out. (As there is no Insurgency Tracker as far as I could see, I just put it here. Hope that's fine) Happy *in'
  5. May I ask where you get your numbers from? UKs trade balance has been negative with the EU-countries and non-EU-countries for years. Imports from the EU: 75B Imports from non-EU: 72B Exports to the EU: 45B Exports to non-EU: 50B Those are numbers of this year till April. And sure you guys can get WTO type contracts with the EU those include tariffs for e.g. food 15%, cars 10% and car parts 5%. And from what I have learned in the university tariffs have a huge negative impact on the economy. Furthermore every professor I had agreed on the EU being the biggest contributor to the wealth of all members. On a different note: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/brexit-eu-referendum-racial-racism-abuse-hate-crime-reported-latest-leave-immigration-a7104191.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/26/spate-of-racist-attacks-blamed-on-brexit-vote/ I guess 'polish vermin' is not racist but just an endearing name. Right guys?
  6. Spent 3 hours on the server today. Was quite fun especially night maps with in survival mode and the checkpoint mode. Just a heads up: The game also has a native Linux client.
  7. Basically what SunLight said. If you want to boot straight into Linux Mint you might need to change the boot order in your BIOS to go to the HDD with the Linux install. You might need to reinstall it on the HDD as the steps you took to get to show up again in Windows might have botched it. Then it should work without a problem. You should be able to access your windows install through the grub bootloader if everything worked as it should. Hopefully most of this made sense. Happy *in' PS: Are you running a AMD or Nvidia GPU? PPS: Currently there is no evolve client for linux (https://www.evolvehq.com/guides/faq#section-11) just so you know
  8. 1. Using pre-defined characters To filter the results type the character and the search term in the urlbar with a space between. The search will include the url, the title and the tags. For example typing "+ youtube" in your urlbar would bring up every tagged website that has the word "youtube" in its url, title or tag. The Characters are the follwing: * Limits the results to only those that are saved as bookmarks. ^ Restricts the outcome of the search to those in your browser history. In the standard settings this will be a 90 day period. This is useful if you have many old bookmarks saved that will be filtered out by this. % Will only show currently opened pages (not including those in the private browsing mode). In case you have many tabs or windows open this can increase your chance of finding the right one. + Filters the results to only show bookmarks with tags. ~ Restricts the results to websites that have been typed into the urlbar. This will filter out any website that was visited via link. Additionally you can use the following characters to only search the url or the title. These can be used separately or in combination with the ones mentioned above. Expanding on the previous example, "+ @ youtube" would search through your tagged websites and only listing those with "youtube" in the url. # Limits the results to those that title matches the search term. @ Only shows results which url matches the search term. 2. Customizing Caution: This involves the usage of the about:config page in Firefox. It can compromise the stability, security and speed of the application. To customize the characters type "about:config" in the urlbar, pressing enter and then confirm that you're going to be cautious. Now you should be able to search for the preference names. The main columns you have to be aware of is the aforementioned "Preference Name" and the "Value". These are the different preference names with their default settings (in the same order as in the first part of this tutorial): Preference Name Status Type Value browser.urlbar.restrict.bookmark default string * browser.urlbar.restrict.history default string ^ browser.urlbar.restrict.openpage default string % browser.urlbar.restrict.tag default string + browser.urlbar.restrict.typed default string ~ browser.urlbar.match.title default string # browser.urlbar.match.url default string @ To change the character of one of the filters just double click on the corresponding line. A dialog should pop up letting you change the default. You can use characters, letters or words as a trigger as shown in the picture below. With this change you'd need to type "tag youtube" to get the same results as described in the first example of this tutorial. To revert the setting back to the default just go to the preference in the about:config page, right click on it and select "Reset" in the drop-down menu.
  9. Yep, you got some ad/malware installed. You might want to get that fixed. Malwarebytes or similar might help. (Haven't dealt with any malware in years so I am not sure what is a good one currently. )
  10. Yep, it is weird. As far as I know the downloads on gimp.org should be totally fine to use without having to fear about any malware.

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