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Greetings Everyone!



I am Robinson as you probably know. I am writing to you because the perpetual procrastination is finally beginning to catch up with me. It is becoming harder and harder for me to deny that the amount of time and effort I am pouring into ET is debilitating me and depriving me, my other responsibilities and my loved ones, friends the time they, I need.


The reason I have to resort to such drastic measures as laving the clan, and deinstalling ET is that I know very well that without burning all my bridges I would sooner rather than later relapse into gaming.


This might happen anyway. The mind is weak and the struggle to become a better man is hard and paved with pain. I might return to ET or to some other method to avoid hardship anyway without even trying it is even worse. I am a trained sociologist, I know a slippery slope when I see one.


The community You are extremely dear to me. In fact, your kindness and understanding makes it even harder to keep gaming in moderation. Forgive me for betraying the trust you have bestowed upon me.


Thank you everything. With this blogpost, I would like to file a formal request to null my application and admin rights.


I would like to wish you good luck in life, good hunting in game and that you will never have to compromise on your principles. I owe you tremendous joy and *unfortunately too* many happy hours.



It was real fun with You, too fun.





Steven, Robinson_Cruseur


Hello everyone,


I know sorry for posting the second episode of our II. World war alternative interpretation, but I am enduring the first shocks withdrawal effects and feeling a little miserable as a result. To compensate you here are some easy to digest ( and some a little less easy) webcomics for your leisure.


1)Dilbert Who could forget about Dilbert! :unsure: Our everyday workplace comic.




2)Questionable Content. Witty drama about music and an anthropomorphic computer. Hilarity ensues. SFW(apart from being a webcomic, ofc)


3)Cyanide and Happiness Puns, sex jokes, and more puns. A highly successful webcomic probably known to you all. NSFW


4) Oglaf Totally NSFW! That's its appeal though. 18 + and stuff, hard material (the linked page is okay though)


5)Subnormality The comic with way too much words. This is the most intellectual of all. With a sphynx!


Keep reading, the entries are now way in order of importance!

6)PHD Comics. About a phd student. not update fast enough.


7)All New Issues. I am fairly sure it is about comics in the old fashion style.


8) The Joy of tech You have got to read this


9) Penny Arcade comics. Do I need to tell you more?


10 )http://xkcd.com/897/ Sarcasm, math, language and common sense, Like it!


11) Please post YOUR favourite webcomics here and I will incorporate them into this list(with your names mentioned ofcourse)



cya soon.


Dear Moderators,


I would like to file an official complaint against moderator AXS|<<-GerReich->> because of his deeds today on the server ET Hardcore EU.


We, couple of dozent players were hanging around on EU when AXS|<<-GerReich->> showed up, he acted unusual, but we didn't worries about because he was good player, even if sometimes a bit fierce.


Until all hell broke loose: Around 19:35 in the evening, he slapped ALL//Frencheese, and begun spamming and insulting (NEU) Juice, when |FRE|Presse told him to stop it, AXS|<<-GerReich->> told him to stfu and !mute -d him.


Around 19:38 he has slapped [CZ] Prague then continued to insult him till he just left the server.


He didn't let anyone else enjoy it game either, he rushed the maps Poland; Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and walljumped!!!!! France!


Not much later, he has also banned (NEU)Juice for no reason at all, and began to insult >>All|UnitedKingdom<< but he couldn't kick him thanks to his protected status.


We are really getting desperate, I would like to ask supermods SOC|USSR and ALL|USA to do something.


Please hurry he is abusing even his own teammates.


yours sincerely


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