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  1. Merry Christmas FA

    happy holidays
  2. LTE pricing may drop as much as 60% by 2016

    I only read for school corey
  3. hello

    LOL CHAOZZZ IN FA NOOB (not that there's anything wrong with FA!) Sup Kush
  4. Who kills you the most???

    my teammates
  5. Emienm fans

    I get imaginative with a mouth full of adjectives A brain full of adverbs, and a box full of laxatives
  6. TWL Re-Opens ET Ladder

    sometimes you have to make sacrifices. in order to revive the scene don't you think it's worth swallowing a couple pbbans from ages ago? besides, slac is the great equalizer.
  7. TWL Possibly Making a Return to ET

    To add please join this xfire community (http://www.xfire.com/communities/northamericaetpro/) if you're an american etpro player (new or oldschool!) and help keep ET comp alive.
  8. Heya

  9. Heartwarming black dude story

    what if i had a real life event very similar to this actually happen to me but I was too lazy to write it out and searched google instead for similar story?
  10. Heartwarming black dude story

    no ones forcing you to read my stories. :]
  11. Heartwarming black dude story

    It was my second year of college and I was walking back to my dorm one night (I attend UC Berkeley and it's fairly open to the rest of the town, Berkeley, itself) and I wasn't with anyone and it was a more secluded, quieter, darker side of campus. So, anyways, out of nowhere comes these 2 white kids (Just like me) with a knife, demanding I hand over my money. Just as I'm doing this (I'm 6'8" 240 but I'm not going against a knife) some black guy rounds the corner behind the white kids. He just goes "WHAT THE f***?" and pulls a gun out of his waistband. First thing I think is "Oh f*** we're all dead" but he just approaches the kids, tells em to put the wallet, cell phone and the knife they had on the ground. They do and then they ran. The guy just tucks the gun back in his waistband and smiles at me. I was kind of nervous but really f***ing thankful, so I offered him some cash for possibly saving my life. He said "No, I'm fine. I'll get my payment eventually. There's benefits to being a good guy, right?" I nod and laughed at him. However, right before I left he asked if he could use my cellphone. I handed it over and he made a call. Turns out he was on his way to Christmas shop and had forgotten the list so he needed to call his uncle back and recheck it. I have never met another human being like that again. He changed my perceptions of minorities forever.
  12. yes I'm a girl gamer

    No I'm not fat. No I won't make you a sandwich. No I'm not ugly. Yes I do go out with guy gamers, because we've got something fun in common. Yes my boyfriend is a bit of a geek, so what? No I won't show you my tits, so don't f***ing ask. And finally. Yes, we do f***ing exist, so stop saying otherwise. And we enjoy games (SHOCK HORROR) just as much as men.
  13. hi

  14. Leaving

  15. Removing Enemy Territory.