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BlueStreak, Autobot Battle Specialist aka Chet the Jet SKywalker 0

31 October 2014 - 01:15 PM

Hi Everyone.  If you read my profile about me paragraphs you'll get an idea about about who I am and What I do.  My first burning desire was when I was One years old.  Believe I wanted A job.  I remember my family members saying, huh family members?  My Framily was talking about working, and doing jobs by each other so I volunteeredd to work as I was walking/crawling.  All I ever wanted to do was work.  I am a raging workaholic.  sorry for the yucky poo doggie speak, and I have been bitten by the hounds of hellish createures.  We used to say H E double hockey sticks.  Anyway I digress. I been bitten by doggies of welcoming nature on four occasions so now I talk the yucky poo doggie speak.  Bow Wow yippie I kay boolean true false.  A little bit of Computer speak for the computer programmers never hurt.  I grew up with the shoot first ask questions later Ideology.  And I am not sure if that is the best way to go.  My name is Chetan, pronounced Chay Thon.  When I first arrived they thought I said Clayton.  boy were they ever mistaken on what they heard.  I came into this world in PEE-Town.  Peoria, Illinois.  Saint Francis Hospital was the place of the delivery.  Somebody actually thought I was brought by a Stork.  REally.  ATM I am reading a book called Dreamland (ISBN 0-812-53502-2).  For many moons I was watching Alien Files Unsealed on WGN on Saturday Afternoons from 2-3 pm CDT.  or Central Standard Time.  Currently I am studying Psychology, and I am trying to figure out the differences between False Ego, a Bruised Ego and regular Ego.  Of course the ID, the Super Ego and Ego all play a critical factor.  Don;t make the same mistake some peeps made by building a foundation on sand.  I did a lot of work on Concrete Foundations so I might be able to help you with settling down ideas.  Then Entered the Sandman from Logan's Run, and he said to me, Well Im just full of Baloney..  I played a lot of sports after my hair turned Blue.  Yes I woke up with blue hair.  The Crash Test Dummies musical group got the whole thing wrong.  Well not the whole they got wrong but they added somethings in the song "Gawd Shuffeld his Feet" that were incorrect and false.  Someday I will get the whole picture of CTD down right. So I played soccer for many years.  Bosch Trucking, the Kickers, and I did not make the BLue Devils cause I was partially left footed.  We has some railroad soccer team too.  I stop playing soccer after my compassion left me and went south.  then My compassion returned and I played Football.  Football, it's the sport of Kings, better than Diamond Rings, that's Why were are here to Sing...FooootBALL.. Clear a Path for Coach McGRath....Right.  Our Four Year Record at Richwoods Community High School was 50-3.  {I played secondary, wide receiver, tight end, tackle and some wing back.  I applied to {University of Iowa and Got in.  I applied to Univerisity of Wisconsin and got in and was about to go the the Badgers school when I got an Acceptance letter to the Fighting Illini. So naturally I took the invite to U of {Illinois.  Funny thing, I applied to Purdue Univeristy and did not get in.  Who wants to be a boiler maker anyway.  So before all this. I went to a grade school called the Northmoor Norsemen,Kellar colts and one year at Lindbergh Flyers.  Other skools of high in our Town were Woodruff (closed now), Manual, Central Lions, Spalding and Bergen.  Spalding and Bergen combined later on to form Peoria Notre Dame at the Bergen Location.  Went to University of Illinois in the Field of Agricultural Engineering, or AgE.  Got thrown out for bad grades after the second Semester.  Then I went to Illinois Central College for one year and petitoned to get back in to UOI and succeeded.  Got thrown out after one semester.  Had a meeting with the dean to give a another shot.  He put me on super high probabtion.  I din not make the cut again and got thrown out for bad grades a third time.  I eventually got a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science in December 2001 from Bradley University.  Go Braves. During many off years I worked for the Illinois Department of Transportation Division of Highways doing road contructions, materials managment and documentation of aggregate work.  I took a job with Alfred Benesch and Company in 2003 as an inspector, and they terminated me because my personality was not good enough.  I did all the work they asked and then some more work I did.  But the issue was That I did not drink coffee and I walked too slow. LEts face reality.  Am I Tony Stark?  My Dream s say that I am Tony Stark.  so this went on from october of 2003 to I got a job at the Naperville Public Library in Jan 4 2004.  I started as a shelver then moved to Facilities Monitor then Systems Manager till I got terminated again in MArch 2005 for raising my voice to a patron.  Went to Northern Illinois university from Jan 2005 till August 2005 to study Medicine and possiblly become a surgeon.  FAIL.  Got all A's though. Yipppee..  Got a Job with BP in August and then quit the BP job in October to join Hewit and Associates in 2005 later end.Did call center modification work there.  I quit that job because the commute was one hour and forty-five minutes.  Too long of a drive in all this ChicagoLand Traffic. So started Dicking around again with the Tony Stark Idea from end of October 2005 till mid november 2005.  Turkey Time was around the corner and the pseudo pilgrims in the neighborhood said Give Oron Man a rest.  They published a bunch of movies to save the lives.  So I saw an Ad for a Java Programmer and applied .  I had to jump through a dozen hoops to land a Job with Accenture Technology Solutions.  They Hired me In 2006.  So Since to get rid of this idea of Tony Stark I had also started a business from (licensed by the Will County) back in 2003.  So this work kept me busy which I name CS Enterprises CSE, and I am the EHC.  Thats my title.  EHC.  So ATS hired me.  I did a stint with AT&T, Pepsico, BP, All State and A.C. Nielson till they terminated me in March 2007 for rolling on the floor too much.  ROFL. I might be responible for CHAT. At the least IRQ made by yours truely. So I immediately got hired at Staples and worked for them (doing inventory and logistics) till I took a Job with Kane is Able in September 2009 doing warehouse work  which lasted a whole 2 months of  7 -12's.  I was tuckerout pulling the iron jack trolled pallet lifter.  Then Shawna hired me at WaldenBooks and they had to fire me cause they went out of business otherwise I would be there today.  Talk about mis oppotunity.  Shawna's boss offered to take me to work with her at a store in Orland Park. I declined thinking I would be forever at the Fox Valley Mall Doing the WaldenBooks Gig.  Missed Opportunity.  CS Enterprises is now Trying to slice and dice viruses back to the constituitent parts to make the virus vansih. the Ebola Outbreak WILL BE CONTAINED. SORRY for the Caps.  Now it's back to pounding the pavement.  Staples wants to rehire me.  I also have a third interview with Wal Mart coming up.  I love movies.  Hoping to See interstellar.  Just got done watching All Quiet on the Western Front and the Battle of the Bulge.  Now I have made a memo to watch Old Yellar and V the series.  Faye Grant, do you miss me?  I might be responsible for Denny's.  Gotta catch up on BlackList episodes.  My vaccines have saved billions of lives.  These our the days of hour lives.  Like sands through the hourglass.   So now  I will become Tyreal.  I'm a nut job, Ratchet.  Rodimus Prime Did Edit and ADD here.  Be Nice.


So what about Jor-EL and Ka, my son.  Everything at one point had become kryponite.  Read up on exploed plane theory.  Let's see there's seed, sod and mulch. then the best.  plug


the grass is always greener on the other side.  Always look on the right side of life.  ALways look on the bright side of life.  You always have a choice. but I am pro-life when it comes to my kid.


so I suppose you want to go marching up and down the square.  right then tis only a flesh wound.  come back here, i'll bite your head off.  we are no longer the knights who say kni..we say poo poo


prime did edit here


could we start again please....gee SUS and Gee Bus


Iron hide, Brawn v Galvatron