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  1. well folks ihave quit eating meat and eggs. yes, vegetarian for the win. killing animals for food is a sin K
  2. Artificial Sweetners should not be overused.
  3. the reason the fruits and vegetables are in the no list is because they have carbohydrates, and this is a zero carb diet. It's a variant of the Atkins Diet, but the Atkins' allows certain vegetables. So the idea is if there are no carbs to burn then the metabolism can focus on the excessive fat in the body to burn. I started this diet (again) 5 days ago and so far I've lost nine pounds.
  4. Junk food ruins your body. Although a little and in moderation will not hurt. The important foods to eat are seven raw almonds a day, blueberries if possible, an apple or two, a pear, grapes, salad (romaine and iceburg) with spinach leaves (oil and vinegar is best. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Stop eating food (if you can call it food) from McDonald's, and just get the coffee. MickeyD's coffee is really spurerb and a lot less expensive than Starbucks. The fancy coffees from Starbucks are not worth the energy. For cereals there are a number of them you can try. Personally Cheerios are a fav of mine. I don;t eat them every day, and usually I have some type of Steel Cut Oatmeal everyday. But the Quaker's 100% natural is a tasty cereal. Stay away from all sugary cereals. The sugary Cereals are the number one downfall. I gotta run. Do a web search. if you are overweight I do suggest taking some type of Probiotic, in the long run the cultures will eventually clean up a little, and will flatten your belly. If you are declared obese. Then seriously consider doing some exercise with doctor's consent. It is not too late to reduce your weight. I know obesity does not make you happy, but it was the sedentary lifestyle that did it too you. Start out by walking and maybe carrying some weights in your hand five to ten pounds. Going to a gym will greatly improve our self confidence and self esteem. When you make some effort to do weights or treadmill don;t overexert yourself. You didn't gain all the weight in one day you are not going to lose all the weight in one day. No more donuts either. sugar has calories. Stay away from all potato chips and pasta too. Consider the Atkins diet. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The diet below is a different diet than above. Here;s a formula that helped me too lose 20 pounds. it's called the Zero Carbohydrate Diet. This also the high protein diet. By eliminating the carbs you allow yourself to burn old carbs which have to turned into fat. Because you have saved energy by eating only protein. Eat as much of the following things as you like. Trim all the Fat and pitch it. One of the inconveniences of this diet is you will more than likely become constipated. Start this diet after you have cleared out everything from the intestines) if you do get constipated then take some castor oil, or some laxative. Check with the physician. The Atkins diet is similar this diet is more extreme than Atkins. If you already have a heart condition then don;t do this diet, If you have a thryoid problem then ask the physician. Your cholesterol will likely go up. The first time I did this diet I did no exercise. The second time i did this diet I did excercise and I really lost weight off. Try without the exercise first. What I used to do was get cold cuts from the Deli and eat those for snacks, eat as much of the following as you like. Chicken Eggs Brick Cheeses (check labels, might say two carbs move to the next cheese till the littlest amount possible 0 or maybe one then it is fine) Cottage Cheese (same as above get the cottage cheese with few carbs possible) you need some variety Farmers Cheese (not sure about this one) Fish Beef Cornish Game Hen Turkey Diet Drinks as long as they have zero carb sweetners Coffee (personally I used no cream) stick with water Tea Water (of course) you can eat as much of the above as you like NO LIST ----------- Pork, Shrimp, or Lobster) (Shrimp and Lobster have too much cholesterol). Pork will ruin this diet. I'm not sure why, It has something to do with the higher fat content No Alcohol of Any Kind (i know this blows but it really pays off in the end). No Baloney No Cold Cut Loafs No anything that has any excess fats or carbs No Hot Dogs No Sausage No Bratwurst No Kielbasa No Salad Dressing No Fruits No Vegetables No Lettuce of any kind. No PopCorn No Candy No Bread No Ice Cream No Soda Pop No Kool Aid No Fruit Juices No Energy Drinks No Beans No Crackers No Potato Chips No Pizza No Cookies No Fried Foods No Pasta No Bread NO BEER NO PORTER NO STOUT NO IPA NO ALE NO LENTILS NO OATMEAL No Carbohydrates go very easy on butters and oil go very easy on condiments , cream and sugar easy too Do a search on web for ages for this diet. (high protien diet , zero carb diet) send me email at <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> if I can be of any assistance All The Best, your friend Chet Prime did edit here
  5. I'm not sure about shrimp and lobster. I just remember reading they weren't allowed. Eggs are protein so you can have as many as you want, but I suggest removing the yellows.
  6. Kay, if you are trying to lose weight then this high protein, zero-carb diet really works. With exercise, the weight stays off.
  7. yes for the neat engine growl is why i mess with the RPMs. lol hmm, got me thinking. maybe my next car I get will be stick. thanks Happy New Year
  8. yeah for the no carb, high protein diet you can't have fruits or vegetables. but the atkins diet differs a litle
  9. ​Floods are horrendous. They [floods] tear apart our work.
  10. I got this sweathshirt with a bald eagle on it, and a sweater.
  11. Pretty cool. I mean Telescopes are amazing. Seeing one in the Southern Hemisphere brings an added nuance. I haven't peered through the lenses of any telescope for many years. The cost is unimaginable . There comes a time when you have to embrace science wholeheartedly. But what is Science? What does Science do for us? So much actually . Observation is the precursor for science. Anyone can see physics of lens is the primary reason for these things. Rod
  12. Last Movie I saw was just totday calle the The Four Feathers (2003). It was about the Cumbrians going to the Sudan. Just last night I watched Little Boy (2015) about the Town of O'Hare and a guy named Hashimoto and Busbee Klan
  13. So the planetary distress signal has been sent out. Help is on the way. We as a species have to stop this madness which we see each day on the local and nightly news. Wish to talk more about the transformers. All that comes to mind is how is this possible in real life. Is there something at hoover dam we don't know about? How much technology is being hidden from the public view? Corporate entities are ripping us off. The environment happens to be crumbling, and we all do is produce aluminum and oil. The middle east is being pampered silly especially Saudi Arabia. Switching to renewable energy sources would be the smart thing to do. Did Han Solo Shoot first? And that brings us to all of the awkward editing by LucasFilm of episodes 4-6. Intruder Alert Wandering through Evermore Maze. Trying Escape the Abyss. Darth SkyWalker, teacher of the SkyWalkers
  14. Darth Chester happens to be the silliest guy. Blond ambition tour x2p0

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