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  1. DrPotato

    FPS drop

    Have you updated both Intel and Nvidia drivers to the latest available on the Nvidia and Intel sites (those provided by the laptop manufacturer will be substantially lower performance). You will likely have to remove the current Intel driver, restart, then install the new one as the Intel installer blocks installation if it detects a custom OEM driver. I think Geforce should just work, but if not it is the same procedure with uninstalling first. Also make sure things like threaded optimisation are turned off when using the Nvidia card, it will kill fps in this old game.
  2. Some things to note, the recording information is not correct in the other tutorial you link (maybe its a mod thing, not correct in jaymod at least). It is /autorecord to record with map name etc, and /record [name] to record and name it yourself. If you want to have your local time on screen instead of manually typing it each time you can use \cg_drawclock "1" for 12 hour clock "2" for 24 hour (or a script like below so you can see the time on screen while you press the key only) set clockshow "cg_drawclock 2;set vstr clockhide" set clockhide "cg_drawclock 0;set vstr clockshow" bind "]" "+vstr clockshow clockhide" For sound issues such as the headshot bug when switching from Silent to Jaymod you can use /snd_restart to fix it. You can see the rating of everyone including specs on silent using /killrating and /playerrating Just a couple of things that come to mind at first.
  3. It is on Netflix internationally. CBS is for the US.
  4. DrPotato


    Just be careful you don’t join one of the silent servers with your old etkey but no silent.dat file in place - the server will find your entry using the etkey, generate and give you a new silent.dat, and reassign your xp and details to that instead for that particular server. If you only use 1 silent server then not a problem, but you will have to choose the new silent.dat for that server or the old silent.dat for the other servers if you play multiple places (or swap, but that is not practical).
  5. It doesn't include the code for M97, which is 52 for both axis and allies I believe.
  6. There is no rush rule on Silent 1, the only difference is a somewhat meaningless "encourage to enjoy the map" (admins regularly end it fast when I used to go there, so I doubt players will care), it might as well be identical to hardcore on that rule. So the only reason hardcore has its name is due to ff being on. The issue is whether people want a chance for random teams to organise, this is not a pro competition people will be afk, still connecting, deciding if they want to play, changing teams etc, etc. I would suggest there is nothing "hardcore", or worthwhile, or resembling a "win" in completing a map as fast as possible in these situations. But if everyone who plays there wants it to stay that way, then it should stay the same.
  7. Server will automatically kick if you dont have, or lose in this case, admin lvl - probably talking about that. Not really hard to wait for someone to set it again before putting them back on though, nothing to complain about.
  8. DrPotato

    FA Omega

    The server will consider clicking through players as activity, as long as you are jumping between players you will never be kicked for inactivity on jay1 (theres a 10 second warning).
  9. Avast and AVG are now the same, and they have merged their software/antivirus engine. It was probably an update that caused an issue, and just needed the fix installation to be run - if it was anything else there is a good chance Avast would have been the same.
  10. First one opens dren, uses it, then goes back to gun. Second one is brief sprint into a jump then stop. Edit: Cat distracted me, some else posted before I did. I haven't seen anything here that should cause issues even if it doesn't work.
  11. I find Opera to be a surprisingly good alternative to chrome and firefox (and is currently being improved ready for a new version). I had Firefox+Opera as the two browsers installed - Opera vastly better at handling lots of tabs and being stable than chrome, at least for me.
  12. For lvl4 on some servers, kick is the only tool once they refuse to stay/stop spamming/tk etc. No warn on jaymod for lvl4, so kick is actually the next step. Even so I often gave more chances than most full members with warn command would before kicking to reflect that I couldnt warn them first. But on rare occasions someone still managed to push it too far even for me. I think silent has warn for lvl4 though, so they should be using it if they have.
  13. Should probably add that you dont include the / if you are binding it. so to bind it to "k" in a config (just example key) use; bind k messageMode4 or in the console use; /bind k messageMode4 Most people would know, but better to clarify for anyone who reads the thread and doesnt have much experience.
  14. I think it is /messageMode4 for anyone who wants to include it in a config etc

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