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Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you and your family!  - Fearless Assassins Team!

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About this blog

Build up to the Singularity. 2019 Perhaps. AI just around the Corner. Hopefull Peace will decend. You gotta Get down on your knees and Prise the Lore.

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More on Reality

So the planetary distress signal has been sent out. Help is on the way.
We as a species have to stop this madness which we see each day on the local and nightly news. Wish to talk more about the transformers. All that comes to mind is how is this possible in real life. Is there something at hoover dam we don't know about? How much technology is being hidden from the public view? Corporate entities are ripping us off. The environment happens to be crumbling, and we all do is produce aluminum and oil. The middle east is being pampered silly especially Saudi Arabia. Switching to renewable energy sources would be the smart thing to do. Did Han Solo Shoot first? And that brings us to all of the awkward editing by LucasFilm of episodes 4-6.   Intruder Alert   Wandering through Evermore Maze. Trying Escape the Abyss.  
Darth SkyWalker, teacher of the SkyWalkers  




Yesterday or maybe the day before we met Alpha Trion

sorry site not up yet so i have no link except this http://www.aj.com   Bluestreak became Rodimus before alternating between SkyFire and Ratchet. Bee had GoldenMoment with Robert Plant and the Rest of LoverBoy   BBL   RH
CS   So a note on the image:   Mecury Joining Hands of Britain and France , 1787/90
WedgWood Pottery, Straffordshire, Burslum
Solid blue jasper on white relief with
a wood and gilt frame   This plaque commemorates the Treaty of Versailles, signed on September 27, 1786   Frank W. Gunsaulus Collection, 1912.1016   Mark: Wedgwood   Prime Did Edit here X%(5)
seven of nine helped too  
http://www.sunboon.4t.com sorry about KISS ADVERT for a third time Winters comes in and the quotes on the force does not go anywhere special the quotes site came down will be back up in about maybe 1 week will post again.




The Chair

My ancestors are calling to me everyday. One in particular says to me daily now, "why did I have to make a chair?". Apparently when he was gathering and hunting they didn;t have chairs or beds. He says the chair is the downfall of modern man. I have to agree with him. I mean they did have places to sit, usually the ground or a natural rock formations. Every day I hear about this through the waves of the ether.




Three in the Tree and Four on the Floor

So I had this Football coach in High School. His name is Bob Easter. He played for the Fighting Illini. I think he played some pro ball for the Browns or Bears. Well, he used to say we live in a very lazy society. His chief complaint was about the automatic transmission. And he brings up a valid point. He noticed since the manual transmission has slowly faded away that things in the US have gotten worse. I guess peeps aren;t doing enough as they are driving. I don;t know if I agree with him. I have a 2008 Nissan Altima that has a negative and positive RPM shifter. So I can max out the RPMs as I am driving. Gives me something to do shift when I am driving.



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