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Three in the Tree and Four on the Floor




So I had this Football coach in High School. His name is Bob Easter. He played for the Fighting Illini. I think he played some pro ball for the Browns or Bears. Well, he used to say we live in a very lazy society. His chief complaint was about the automatic transmission. And he brings up a valid point. He noticed since the manual transmission has slowly faded away that things in the US have gotten worse. I guess peeps aren;t doing enough as they are driving. I don;t know if I agree with him. I have a 2008 Nissan Altima that has a negative and positive RPM shifter. So I can max out the RPMs as I am driving. Gives me something to do shift when I am driving.



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Why am I doing this....

1)that's horrible for your car to take the rpm to the redline or as you put it, "max out the RPMs." 

2) a "negative and a positive RPM shifter" is not a manual transmission. That is an automatic transmission where you can select the gear. 


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yeah, i know it's bad for the transmission.  but i love the sound effects i get from shifting.  i should buy a manual transmission.  thanks melgibson.

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Stick makes you feel like your actualy doing something, while in auto, your just siting there pushing some pedals, knowing that a baby wouldn't find what your doing difficult xD

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i have to agree ,,stick is my preference , and as far as shifting the automatic ,,,thats really ment for performance driving so you can hang on to a lower gear in a curve (if an automatic decides to shift in a tight curve it can be bad) but yes it does make for some neat engine growl too =P ..... and btw the way ,,,i think the saying is "three on the tree" and is a reference to older manual transmissions that have a standard H on the steering column ...i have an old '71 toyota land cruiser that has three gears and reverse on the column in the standard H pattern and is refered to as " three on the tree"  .....now i feel silly becuase i just nothiced this thread is almost a year and a 1/2 old since last post lol .....but one last comment ...i agree with your coach lol ... to me it feels like you are more "one with your car" when you use manual transmission ,, shifting becomes second nature , and at least subconciously , you are more in tune with what your car is doing , at least in my opinion ... at any rate , if anyone reads this thread again .....Happy New Year 2016 !!!

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yes for the neat engine growl is why i mess with the RPMs.  lol

hmm, got me thinking.  maybe my next car I get will be stick.  :) thanks


Happy New Year

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