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    i am an audio engineer , have been for 23yrs , and a cgi artist for 17yrs


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  1. Thank you Everyone for all the support i am more then willing to help in anyway i can. Vehx you da man!

  2. at this moment i have this to say .....






  3. Congratulations! 

    1. Nancy


      Yeah, Vexi, CONGRATZY!! Good job bro!!

    2. vehx


      thank you !!!


  4. hello again all ,,,, it has been a rough winter for me ,,, but i am once again among friends ,,, i am back online and ont the path the brighter horizons ,,, i should be able to be on server more often starting this week ,, and i hope to reactivate my levels asap .... but for now ,,, it feels sooo good to be back online !!
  5. vehx

    just FYI

    oh ,,, and this ,, if you get me ....
  6. vehx

    just FYI

    pay back is a beyatch ,, you know who you are ;/
  7. im either having an epiphany or a stroke , or possibly i might just really need rehab , or another drink and a deep breath ... .. or something , nowhere in between , but in any case ,,, for that special someone in radio land ,,, tell me if this doesnt finish off a perfect "ODD" evening ? * and the sound of a sm 57 dropping to the floor can be heard .... good night my =F|A= mily ... enjoy .....<3 to my indigo girl
  8. erik seizmore ( liars in wait and empire 44) is recording with me at my studio this month !!!!
  9. for that special someone out there in radio land ,,, this is a long distance dedication to you ,,, i know you know i know you know what i mean ,, know what i mean . . . - - - . . .
  10. there is the good , and the bad ,,,, and then there is me ....

  11. vehx

    forum interface help

    =P i love my super chicken
  12. vehx

    forum interface help

    and again thanks DD i totally missed the other tabs where my thread is ...DOH... thats even better than the old gallery tab ....

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