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  1. Don't really speak much on these forums but here's my two cents: -Hillary was elected on a basic assumption: Hillary's a big name and she steamrolled the Democratic national primary. Bernie and those other people never stood a chance because Hillary was an ideal candidate. BUT. If the DNC knew they would be going against one of the most anti-establishent candidates in the last century, their support would have shifted to Bernie. Hillary made it through the primaries because the DNC (and most of us, bluntly) assumed this would be a standard establishment election. Nobody expected an anti-establishment candidate and nobody in the system (but especially Hillary) looks good going against a populist. -Hillary was a neocon: we'd be at war with Russia if she was in office and we'd have boots on ground in syria. An unfortunate truth. -The RNC got taken by surprise: the Reaganauts managed to co-opt the tea party to turn the populist anger into political capital. It was smart and it worked. They couldn't do it with Trump, though. That's why the leadership has kept their heads down. They can't beat Trump because Trump is too much of a political force. They're going to sit this one out and let him take the heat. -Liberals honestly don't get what's going on: There's more to Trump voters than racism. Some people are scared shitless about ending up on welfare. Liberals have their hands in the sand and the second they get empathetic and realize that half the country isn't all racist, then we can get something done. -Don't trust the media: as evidenced by liberals. They tried to scare liberals, gays, blacks, latinos, Arabs, and every other minority group (plus the upper-middle class leftist snobs) that Trump is going to slaughter them with KKK death-machines. This is not objective thinking. -Trump won't fix everything: and that's not a problem. The election of Trump in itself was a political accomplish. The establishment has figured out that occasionally the population won't just bend over and eat it. If nothing else it may motivate them to work for their money or consider their voter base now and again. -Democrats need to stop blaming people and start getting self-critical: last week has been huff-po and the other progressive propaganda outlets spouting blame for everyone else. Stop. Remove the heads from the asses and figure out what's really happening. *I'm a liberal, so don't jump down my neck.
  2. It's great as long as you've seen absolutely nothing related to star trek pre-2009 and have no idea why the original series is revered. Then sure, it's a sugary crapfest like star wars and transformers.
  3. gibson66


  4. All you fancy people with your fancy mouses, meanwhile I'm using this: Say what you will, it's worked for 15 years and it's going to work for another 15.

  6. I'd be careful with BMW's and Audi's. Maybe it's different in Europe, but in the states maintenance costs are outrageous for those two brands in particular.
  7. Go with the gtx 950. Cheaper than 960 but comparable performance, plus lower power drain.
  8. If you were dead stopped, you aren't at fault (mind you I have no idea what country you live in and there may be different traffic laws there). If he reversed into you, he is at fault. Good news is if you get the insurance company involved, they'll be able to give you a more precise answer. But from my layman's understanding of how road laws work, you aren't at fault.
  9. I've had the car for around 2 years (2015 model i believe). It's got about 17k on it and the only discernible issue is that the front right window squeaks a bit. I regularly do four hour car rides in it and I've never had a complaint about its ride quality. other pros: -the clutch is insanely light. stop and start traffic is not work with the st's clutch. -the noise level at road speed is fairly minimal. -I've logged many hours in a mini cooper S and believe or not, the ST is nearly as agile in the turns and equally as responsive. -no freakish torque steer relative to other overpowered hot hatches (mazdaspeed 3). -no need to shift down to overtake on the highway. 270 lb-ft of torque present in all gears. cons: -even with all-season tires, the performance in winter conditions is.....iffy. I live in Vermont and I recall once when I couldn't get the wheels to lock when going up a mild incline with slush, even in second gear at 15 mph. Use some common sense and you should be fine, though. -it has the engine of an aggressive hot hatch and the aesthetic edginess of a librarian. If you want to turn heads or piss off the neighbors, this car isn't the best option. It's a very functional and powerful car. would recommend it if you want a balance between civility and fun.
  10. Focus st should be on your shortlist. Solid power (251 hp, 270 lb-ft torque) and it shifts like a dream. Power when you want it and docile when you're driving like a normal person. good gas mileage, decently reliable so far (for me, anyway).
  11. I am not worthy enough to be in your presence. And I thought I knew I thing or two about star trek......
  12. Just on a technical note, there were numerous instances in star trek in which a vessel travelled over the warp 9.9 barrier (there's an episode in Voyager about it and unless I'm mistaken, an alien probe in the original series was mentioned going over 9.9). On another technical note, the series claimed that in order to travel from the alpha quadrant to the gamma quadrant (other side of the galaxy), it would take about 70-90 years (the premise of voyager and also mentioned in deep space 9) at conventional warp speeds. Going off what you said, new technology always has its risks. There were some theories that a nuclear bomb would vaporize the entire atmosphere but we still went ahead with it. Proof that the question "is this really a good idea?" has no place in the scientific community, and it's all the better for it.
  13. Texas sharpshooter fallacy all goddamn day. There are many colorful corners of the internet where your inflammatory ideas would feel at home, but this isn't one of them. Let's stick to gaming, shall we?
  14. 1) You have ungodly determination. 2) You know why I've never had to fix the power-steering, power brakes, radio, heater, carburetor, cruise control, tachometer, or computer in my 66 mustang? Because they were never there. Stick to older muscle cars, man. They're dinosaurs but there's way fewer things to break.
  15. On a lighter note, here's a picture of ass-cat with my dog called dogman (formal name Harvey). It took a while, but he actually responds when I call him dogman. He enjoys barking at 3 in the morning for no goddamn reason and pooping on things he's not supposed to.

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