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I'm so sorry :(

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Honestly, i am still trying to figure it out, why... seriously, u are going nowhere with that, u have been answered in more than one way about anything u doubted and anything u questioned, why cant u just start reading the stuffs and deal with it? This is a clan, founded by group of ppl who have been working hard to establish clan as big as it is now, obviously they were working on the rules and admin system that is being proven through the years to work good, so why change that? Everyone knows the rules, there's Wiki, stating every rule that FA is obligated to use and maintain, anyone found breaking those rules will be punished accordingly, same goes for the admins, anyone found abusing the admin powers, will be dealt accordingly to the rules that FA holds.


Hopefully that can clear it up for u once and for all, so i don't read same boring stuff everytime i visit forum. If anyone is admin abusing, there's a subforum for that to report them, simple as that, now can we please, for the sake of everyone here cut the repeating nonesense that is leading nowhere. 


Like internet says, deal with it or don't use forum/servers anymore, there's plenty of other communities u can share your genious speech to and im sure they will be glad to listen to your philosophy.



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this has been a marvelous thread to read.... but....



Maximo Decimo

Maximo Decimo

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I can only imagine how hard for you can be stay exiled from =F|A= because you keep opening nonsense topics in this gaming community.

Enough is enough.




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"I don't give a f*** what others thing about me and since I was given admin, I am God and I can do whatever the f*** I like." daredevil

 This is why you deserve to be shot. This is the admin's mantra. I'm aware you're accusing me of this attitude. But you're simply projecting. You're sick and need help.


You are free to shoot me, I don't really care. As I said in your previous topic you don't deserve to be admin on our servers. I am not accusing you. This is exactly what you had said. Other's opinion doesn't matter to you since you are admin now i.e. I don't give a fuck about others and I will kick/ban anyone whom I see fit since I am admin now. We made you admin and we removed it. As simple as that. More or less no one begged you to become admin. So get down from your high horse attitude.


This ain't your grandpa server and we will not allow anyone getting kicked just because "you" feel someone is cheating. Take demo, get review and then we ban.




Just because someone plays with 250 FPS compare to 40 FPS which obviously 250 FPS can shoot better and there is no doubt about it, doesn't mean that 250 FPS player is cheating. And yes it makes lot of difference when you play from 250 FPS stable vs 40 FPS and that too changing from 25 to 60 FPS. 


Good luck in whatever you do but since I don't have time to deal with your stupid attitude and in fact I refuse to deal with it so your account is suspended. I didn't suspended because you cursed on me. I could really care less for cursing. It's just I don't want to spend my time dealing with you and neither I would like anyone to spend either. 


/Back to work. - Adios. 

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