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  1. Aniky

    The time for ET 2

    Considering majority of players have quite fast inet connections nowadays it shouldn't be such an issue and even at the end, probably maps wont exceed 50mbs i guess. Yeh, i know, it will be long path to get it even in beta work, but at least something is going on, working on movement is defenitely one of the main things that needs to stay as close to this ET as possible, will prolly be similiar to quake.
  2. Could say My Hero Academia , definitely Hunter x Hunter, prolly one of the best to get hooked in, also Fate/Zero has been amazing to watch.
  3. Aniky

    The time for ET 2

    The idea behind is to make it as close and realistic to this ET as possible, thats why u see so many similiarities between the two, which will make core of the ET player base like it and play it, along side new wave of players testing it out.
  4. Aniky

    The time for ET 2

    Just an update, as there has been a new teaser for the ET 2 game. https://www.crossfire.nu/journals/156851/enemy-territory-2-supply-down-onto-the-gunplay
  5. Apparently the day we have all been waiting is happening in the background without our notice, just today there was a post on crossfire about developement of Enemy Territory 2, which noone of us was aware, or only certain people, giving the fact that there's a preview of updated Supply graphics, it definitely looks promising and who knows, maybe this project will actually get to see the light one day. Not really having a lot of infos on the background of team working on it or any other infos, so i can only share of what was posted there. For more infos, visit their instagram profile or ask them over at youtube. Crossfire topic about ET 2 ET2 Announcement Trailer ET2 Instagram profile
  6. So i assume u will make redirect anyway? Since on HSLW i still use the IP and using the DNS above, gives me different "host" / IP as the old one.
  7. Aniky

    =F|A= mentioned

    That account is owned by Splash damage, scoofi reached them out in order to provide some updates for them to advertise, I gave some editing after, to have our discord link named for etpro community, while Fa for biggest general ET community. More should follow as I gave detailed up to date post as well and linked FA along side as well, so if u gonna wonder where all those ppl are coming from, u will know now
  8. That's why i didn't bother answering back, since it's literally pointless explaining someone whos using google translator and just throws random cmds out without even reading beforehand what the OP is using or requesting
  9. It would come down more to the ati settings, u can check at your gpu control panel how much display refresh rate u have. Check a bit on the forums and Google for which settings to keep for ati and which ones to turn off.
  10. Stop giving him half of the settings which are completely off for his setup, its like u dont even read what he usees and just throw bunch of cmds here without reading what u are copying here. @Beeshbum get the maxpackets up to 100 and check what your /rate is first, what is your displayrefresh or how much is your LCD supporting? I would say stick to 125FPS, unless u are running a 144hz screen, then equal it with that. For what each cvar does, read here https://antman.info/wolf/cvar/#.VTapx5Ml0jN. Should give u the basic input into each cvar and what it does.
  11. Depends on what u want improve? Post your config here, your pc specs and speetest connection and we could figure something out.
  12. Try r_primitives 2 and vid_restart after
  13. U literally have 60% of trash cvars without any real meaning of user side.
  14. Aniky

    ui mp 86

    Maybe try compatibility settings? What Windows are u running.

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