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  1. Apparently the day we have all been waiting is happening in the background without our notice, just today there was a post on crossfire about developement of Enemy Territory 2, which noone of us was aware, or only certain people, giving the fact that there's a preview of updated Supply graphics, it definitely looks promising and who knows, maybe this project will actually get to see the light one day. Not really having a lot of infos on the background of team working on it or any other infos, so i can only share of what was posted there. For more infos, visit their instagram profile or ask them over at youtube. Crossfire topic about ET 2 ET2 Announcement Trailer ET2 Instagram profile
  2. So i assume u will make redirect anyway? Since on HSLW i still use the IP and using the DNS above, gives me different "host" / IP as the old one.
  3. Aniky

    =F|A= mentioned

    That account is owned by Splash damage, scoofi reached them out in order to provide some updates for them to advertise, I gave some editing after, to have our discord link named for etpro community, while Fa for biggest general ET community. More should follow as I gave detailed up to date post as well and linked FA along side as well, so if u gonna wonder where all those ppl are coming from, u will know now
  4. That's why i didn't bother answering back, since it's literally pointless explaining someone whos using google translator and just throws random cmds out without even reading beforehand what the OP is using or requesting
  5. It would come down more to the ati settings, u can check at your gpu control panel how much display refresh rate u have. Check a bit on the forums and Google for which settings to keep for ati and which ones to turn off.
  6. Stop giving him half of the settings which are completely off for his setup, its like u dont even read what he usees and just throw bunch of cmds here without reading what u are copying here. @Beeshbum get the maxpackets up to 100 and check what your /rate is first, what is your displayrefresh or how much is your LCD supporting? I would say stick to 125FPS, unless u are running a 144hz screen, then equal it with that. For what each cvar does, read here https://antman.info/wolf/cvar/#.VTapx5Ml0jN. Should give u the basic input into each cvar and what it does.
  7. Depends on what u want improve? Post your config here, your pc specs and speetest connection and we could figure something out.
  8. Try r_primitives 2 and vid_restart after
  9. U literally have 60% of trash cvars without any real meaning of user side.
  10. Aniky

    ui mp 86

    Maybe try compatibility settings? What Windows are u running.
  11. Gonna share my two cents here, since this could probably go forward and backwards for a while without any compromise at the end. Obviously ETL is like a new product at market, where existing product (ET) is already decent by itself, so new project (ETL) is trying to succeed it and make it better for the future since game on its own is quite old already. Its like making a new model of a car, specially if its very prestigious, companies always listen to their loyal customers as to what should be improved and adjusted in new models so that both parties are satisfied at the end, customer with a better model of a car and companies with good sales ratio. Its just one example out of countless more where both parties needs to be satisfied. U cant simply put something on market and completely change one thing expecting customers to embrace your view of "improvement" and then hope everyone will use it and agree to it, sadly doesnt work like that. I understand both parties here, all the public clans who are now at dilemma whether to use the new patch and get tons of hastle of new pk3's, remain on older patch or completly shut down ETL project (and we dont want that do we?), on the other side, i understand that you guys from ETL want to improve security for new players who might test it out and some of the points that were made in this topic are pretty reasonable as to why this has been done, tho sadly it simply doesnt work like that when u change something so drastically and expect everyone to nod their heads in agreement. If u want to make ETL happen and make it popular or even in best case scenario, have it replace original ET in years to come, u definitely need to start working now and in a term of listening your customers by what they feel needs to be changed/improved. Each project, each bussniess has always been like that, supply and demand, listen to what your customer wants and make something close to it, so both parties can be happy. If u are just going to force something and completely shut down all negotiation i can assure you that your project will die without any hope of having it succeed, so why going down that path? My proposal would be, bring every leader of big community such as ETc, FA, Team Muppet and any others who are supporting ETL and gather all the feedbacks, recommendations, proposals together, then discuss what can be done and cant be done, so at the end you provide us with a product that players will love to use as well as admins be happy to support, because at the very end there is no ETL without ET community behind it. Its sad to see that reading this topic, all we get is pointless arguments and deaf ears instead of compromsing to create some kind of resolve for both sides and providing most sufficient version for everyone to be happy. I know u want to make things better for ET and its players, but accepting all decisions without your users is never going to work, so for the sake for players and their love for this game, be as equal and discuss stuffs that can be beneficial to future and exsisting players together.
  12. If u already have legacy installed, do u need to redownload it or will it auto update by itself?
  13. Aniky

    new comers

    10/10, would read again
  14. Remove all the cvars starting with g_ , ui_, sv_ , vm_, those re mostly server and browser based cvars. Dont really see any use in "in_" cvars either. For rest use https://antman.info/wolf/cvar/cmdcvarlist.html U will get most of infos from that site about each cvar. Replace seta mv_sensitivity "2" with only seta sensitivty "2"
  15. Aniky

    New PC

    I got 2x4GB of Vengance DDR3 laying around, as i upgraded to 16gb, i could sell u that. The rest it really depends on what games u want to play, so u wont buy this pc and then realize u want to try like Insurgency, DOI or any other games, that would require a bit better pc. If u only want to play ET, u can get my old PC, which i have been already telling u about, it runs ET

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