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  1. Sretan! 

    Happy Bday!!

    1. Nancy


      (dont drink and drive, lul)

  2. Chipping in a bit from my side as well 40$ Transaction ID 4NW63504RN704641J
  3. Being an effective fop in first row means u have an effective team, who understand how fop works, which sadly never gonna be the case on any pub server, even HC. I have done my share of fop over my time in ETPro and pubs and know prolly about it more than any regular fop on HC would know, specially when it comes to timing and positions of arty/strikes, which still doesnt save me from a random teammate jumping foolishly into my strike or arty and then complain afterwards. U can have 10 years of FOP experience, but what does that help u when teammates around u dont and they still run into your a
  4. The general idea is good, BUT its a double edged sword, why? Because as u know, not everyone is on the same skill level and gamewise level as certain ppl are. Some players do not understand or simply dont see arty being set or strike being thrown to opponents spawn or strategial position, which will mean that the fop who did everything right will suffer because of that one individual who just plays like a brainless chicken. Second one is that i have experienced couple of times as well and is very annoying that certain teammate will intentionally run into your arties and then complain a
  5. Aniky

    ET /Scores

    The numbers are obviously sounding low, as per standards of what ETPro used to have, but it most likely will never be the same as it was around 10 years ago or even more when it was in it's prime, so any player still sticking around there is glad to have at least that and that u can play 6on6's on daily basis which wasn't the case in recent years.
  6. Aniky

    ET /Scores

    Currently theres around 60 unique players playing actively at least couple of times per week, so thats more than it was two years ago. Discord gather made ETPro a lot more active than it used to be at past.
  7. Used to play that around couple of years ago, was tons of fun, but very time consuming once u had tons of tamed animals. U could probably contact Baska as sometimes she still play it and has had some servers up.
  8. Aniky

    ET /Scores

    ETPro is doing just fine, obviously not on the same level as 10 years ago, but saying its dead is just silly and plain stupid because of lack of knowledge, there are regular 6on6 games going on every single day, so there's no such thing as ETPro being dead. Obviously when summer kicked in, there was less activity than it will be during winter, but couple of months ago even LAN happened, so for now it's still doing fine. Most of ETPro ppl come to jaymod/silent to chill out a bit, play something different, enjoy some pub gaming either on FA servers or random ETPro public server. On t
  9. Would be cool to know on what sever and from what client/patch u are trying to connect to. Did u try to run game as administrator? U can also try to use pk3 cleaner which would remove any corrupt files from your ET folder
  10. Aniky

    ET /Scores

    Im pretty sure Hip, that majority of admins and even a lot of regulars often check scores to see the results and fairness of teams, i even made tutorial back at past for new fresh admins here to use more often scores over number of players per team to determinate equality of teams, as u can have two above average guys in one team and even if that team is down by 2 or 3 players, they will still dominate the hell out of them since those two guys will do the work of 5 or 6 normal average players. Experienced players can determinate if teams re even or not just by the flow of game without even pre
  11. Normally sensitivity should stay same along every mod u play, there might be placebo effect u are facing because of different server settings that might make u think that your sensitivity is different towards each mod.
  12. Considering majority of players have quite fast inet connections nowadays it shouldn't be such an issue and even at the end, probably maps wont exceed 50mbs i guess. Yeh, i know, it will be long path to get it even in beta work, but at least something is going on, working on movement is defenitely one of the main things that needs to stay as close to this ET as possible, will prolly be similiar to quake.
  13. Could say My Hero Academia , definitely Hunter x Hunter, prolly one of the best to get hooked in, also Fate/Zero has been amazing to watch.
  14. The idea behind is to make it as close and realistic to this ET as possible, thats why u see so many similiarities between the two, which will make core of the ET player base like it and play it, along side new wave of players testing it out.
  15. Just an update, as there has been a new teaser for the ET 2 game. https://www.crossfire.nu/journals/156851/enemy-territory-2-supply-down-onto-the-gunplay
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