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  1. Champions League 2017 / 2018

    Was clear penalty for anyone but butthurt barca kids.

    Or just use HLSW, probably most useful software when it comes to storing IPs from servers and having additional tools, specially for admins as well.
  3. Champions League 2017 / 2018

    What do u mean by that?
  4. It's voting system for a reason, players vote what they like or wish to play, obviously if they re picking same maps over and over means that they enjoy those couple of same maps over other maps, if there's a group of players wanting some change they can easily out vote them in the end of map.
  5. Champions League 2017 / 2018

    Rip these ties for Real this year, seems like they gotta drop off every top contender for end win, hopefully gonna get to another final, tho its gonna be a hard game.

    I assume majority of players re joining via FA menu or writing the IP into console, as long as redirect is in place, it shouldn't be a big deal, afterwards just advertise it and ppl will eventually find it via Trackbase or forums here. As long as its populated and same name of server, ppl will find it again.
  7. Champions League 2017 / 2018

    hahah shity needs more oil to sell to achive at least to finals while barca got rolled flawlessly
  8. Regarding playing on different servers

    Dunno, me nor any other guys i play ETPro with had any problems like that in our entire time of playing ETPro, anyone of us who has/is hosting servers normally just had an IP database to recognize players who were playing under different nicks or any potencional busted players so we we could know at least vs who we are scrimming. Never had two installations for ET, since first day of it, i always had one and my guid is probably ages old as well without having any problems at all.
  9. DOI Day of Infamy - DOI for 6$

    There's an option to use code "APRIL20" to get additional 20% discount, which makes it in total 6.72€ off from 27.99€ for deluxe version, as for normal version, after this discount u will pay only 4.80€. Scratch that, there's even better deal, use DISCO22 for additional 22% off, which makes normal version only 4.68€ and deluxe around 6.52€. Anyone wanting it, has a great chance getting it now, prolly another game in the list i will get bored off in two weeks max
  10. What computer do you have?

    Imo with these demands and that budget, it's gonna be hard to work it out, why not just save a bit more and buy it later when u can spend for some quality components instead of buying semi decent stuffs now and making a new upgrade in couple of years again. If i learned one thing was, never rush upgrading pc without a proper budget or u will just end up already with outdated hardware and be soon unhappy with it. I would actually recommend u to buy at least 16GB of RAM, as everything is just more demandable nowadays. Make a research over Tomshardware, great site where they publish every new release from every PC component and u can even ask for advice there if u are on a budget as well as what your needs are. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/forum-74.html Make topic here if u want and tell them your budget and your needs, otherwise just use google to get up to date with what components are worth buying if u re on budget.
  11. What computer do you have?

    Then im pretty sure your motherboard is outdated as well as i dont think it supports DDR4. so there's another 60-70 bucks thrown into getting that.

  13. There's plenty other ways around it to work just as good your medic job as u would with full charge, on silent u can revive every low teammate with needle and give them full health bar, as for your bar being low, it doesn't take that long to recharge and just play accordingly to that, it doesn't take that much gamesense to work with what u are given at spawn, otherwise game becomes even more easier than it already is.
  14. Champions League 2017 / 2018

    Same was said for PSG, look where they ended, oil money doesn't bring u CL throphies.