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  1. I would say PRW doesnt really matter, any decent player who comes pubbing on HC, wont care at all for objective as hes there to just enjoy some fragging, when they want to play objective, they would switch over to ETpro and play proper wars, where its all about objective. I honestly haven't really bothered myself with objective nearly anytime when im around HC, one time i actually gave it a giggle when i decided i would do obj only at Frostbite, ended map on full server in around 1:30min and everyone complaining afterwards cus of rushing. Point is, that its hard to point what makes one good on a public server where style of playing is completely different than it is at wars. Obviously it would be awarness of your surroundings, just the ideal pathing of attacking/defending, knowing where to shoot, when to camp or have a tactical point of defending where u will have advantage. Obviously next would be aim, not just the brainless aim, but the smart way of getting double or tripple kills purely off your positioning. Those who play more team oriented on HC, matters a lot as well when it comes to supporting engy, knowing when to do obj or when to just hide and wait out for better opportunity. KDR is more likely missleading and doesnt really indicate proper skills of certain players, theres quite some on HC that have completely missleading KDR and are nowhere near that skill as well. At the end i would say, specing someone for couple of maps would probably give u the best definition about his general skills, but at the very end, its still a pub based server, where u wont see the real skills from certain players until u actually spec some ETPro games and realize just how different their play style becomes when they actually play for objective.
  2. It tests whatever mod is loaded i would assume, and which cvar options are set up. Whatever is restricted and if used in cfg outside those values, it will simply be ignored and kept the default ones that was loaded.
  3. I would probably say keep beach and radar off full server, both maps are horrible in terms of attacking when server is completely full, specially with all the spam u get from arty, panzer and rifles. Prolly best to keep it to like top 24. Radar really depends on how even teams are, a bit of inbalance and either CP way or main way is near to impossible to attack for allies.
  4. It's about time they start making something decent, only with Ryzen they started getting back on market again, because Intel has been literally dominating last 5 years with like 80% in terms of sales for CPU choice.
  5. The answer to your question about other values than the specific one is that whoever set up his config is rather clueless when it comes to whats useful and useless in terms of setting up a cfg and therefore my guess would be he just copied it from someone else without actually possessing the knowledge to know what each CMD does. At past i used to know nearly each cmd what it does what, but its been ages since i have been dealing with any cfg questions so some knowledge gets a bit rusty.
  6. Can u just post the config here, didnt really see stuffs like that yet, so wonder what cmd actually does that. Nvm, reminded its for showing ratio between mouse movement and sensitivity. cl_showmouserate ETMain Client Spams console with with how fast you move the mouse in ratio to sensitivity setting. Useless stuffs to have it enabled so just write in console /cl_showmouserate 0 First part show's the movement u have done and second part shows the sensitivity u have.
  7. It does look oddly familiar with HLSW, been using this badboy for ages already, my go to tool for connecting to servers, specially if u are playing a lot of ETPro and have dozens of ETPro private servers, so u dont need to save all the IP's and passwords everywhere and can just connect automatically from list of servers u have saved. Back in running the jaymod serv or even ETPro ones, this was really good for rcon cmds as well.
  8. Yeh i am aware, but i have been looking at some of the i7 for literally bargain of like 200-250€ which is basically nothing, im still on my i5 4690k and feel like its gonna do the job for a whilst longer still. Nowadays, its just best to wait for either black friday sale or xmas sales and u can get twice as much for the same bucks.
  9. Added my share as well, 50$ Transaction ID 62Y22896F0184143R
  10. Really depends on the stuffs u intend to do, considering that a 1070 costs like 150€ more and can get u so much more in terms of gaming, as well as i7 newer gens are not even that expensier anymore.
  11. Grush, ice and beach are a classic 3on3 ETPro maps, so i dont see an issue having it on lower slots here as well, whilist reactor is a 6on6 map and therefore suitable for up to 24 slots.
  12. I assume i could give u some input on the maps i actually played mostly or at least those which i would see fit for the amount of players best suited on pubs without making too much of a mess. Warbell 13-28 Venice_ne4 13-28 TC Base 0-24 Siwa Oasis TE 13-28 SW_Goldrush_te 0-28 sw_cathedral_b7 13- 28 Snatch3 13-28 Pirates Finals 13-28 Wurzburg radar 0-28 C2 Missle B3 13-28 Frostbite 0-28 fa_italy_b1 13- 28 Marrakech streets 2 13-28 Ice 0-24 ET beach 0-28 Erdenberg 0-24 Sp_delivery_te 0-28 Supply 0-28 Reactor 0-24 Rail Gun 13-28 Bremen 13-28 et_village 0-24 adlernest 0-28 braundorf_b4 0-28 caen2 0-28 decay_b5 0-24 beerrun_b7 0-28
  13. Q3e prolly best.
  14. Thats what u get when u use google translator

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