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  1. I wish they would not remake classics. 90% of time those films fail miserably in comparison to originals...... And i'd also like that no god damn modern star wars movies ever came out
  2. thread has been more dead than death metal...... let's change this slightly
  3. Satanek

    Chicken Soup

    I guess the soup smelled better.... on the outside..... PS. You don't fight the empire, you join it, Rebel Scum
  4. Alrighty... But you won't ever learn pronoucing this particular lingo without repeating after someones voice.... no way you will learn to pronounce in using only written words and you will end up like the officer in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAoo_E9l0qk sorry but for a non slav Polish has extremely crazy grammar, pronounciation and more letters than you are used to eg. ą, ę, ć ż, ź, ł, <=== THEY MATTER I wish you good luck tho
  5. Meet me on Teamspeak this evening and I'll give you an Idea how to pronounce and maybe teach you some stuff helpful in getting along in that shite of a city
  6. Oh no he's back

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      O shit I thought I smelled something!!!!!!!!

    3. Platonic


      Anyone has a cross and holy water?

    4. Raskin


      well satan never sleeps

  7. don't count me on this, i've had this game since it came out
  8. I need to listen to more of that shit right there
  9. From my view this game is pure cancer.... sorry, but seeing some twat walk into a mother and her child cause he had his face stuck on his phone..... or the situation i had like 5 or 6 hours ago, We are enjoying few pints in a pub and suddenly an underage guy pops into a bar does something with his phone, then he proceeds to announce to everyone he caught a rare pokemon, This trend made me die a little, I shouldn't live on this planet xD also, the argument that this game makes you walk is pure bullshit, if you need a game for kids to walk... guess what, YOU are the lazy one here

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