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Wolf Et, Android/IOS Port

Wolf Et Port. Good Or Bad?  

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  1. 1. Should I Port ET to Android and IOS? (Multi Vote Enabled)

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Is this still active?  If so, please count me in.



And everybody! I am back! and full development is within swing!

I am working on it as speak and should be ready for beta by christmas!

I'm sorry that i couldn't get this done sooner, but college took over and stuff like that :)


Basically we are running into the problem of textures, as the game runs on the old OPENGL however android does not use this.


SO IN ITS CURRENT STATE! it is ready to go, but it requires a lot of mods to the phone with installing OpenGL


So my solution is to remake the textures for android and make sure they work properly, so this means redoing the textures with conversions and editing the code of the game.

So hopefully by christmas we will have this ready for you!


On the CFG front i'm currently going to be working with Th3ory to get the most optimal cfg's for older phones and higher quality cfg's for more powerful phones.

We might have to have custom keywords to get it to work properly, so hopefully he can help me with making an online converter for the CFG's


Networking is an issue because once again, it uses an older system. Im currently working on fixing this

Currently for every Hour of play, it looks to be about 40mb of 4G+ data.

After testing with stable data types we recommend you atleast have a 3G connection with 4G+ recommended

The Game will auto adjust cl_timenudge every 10 seconds to help with any fluctuations within the connection.



Can you please post here if you want a copy of the beta! I need to compile a spreadsheet! if you've already posted, this is fine. but anyone else who wants a copy! please state so.


So that's what's going on! sorry for disappearing again :)

See some of you Lads & Ladies (And all the inbetween) on the battleField 


If you want to contact me, please PM me or send a note attached to the mortar round within the quadrant of D7 On Oasis...




Pictures will be uploaded soon!

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This would be an awesome tool to admins too, what is the current situation on this project? Was it successful?

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well i think this is stupid but good luck! just my  2 cents here.lol

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Please don't dig up old topics.


People talked about it over the years and most of the projects died. Probably ETL devs will work on something when they finish developing etL patches.


Last project that I saw actually run game was this one ^. If I remember correctly it was too buggy and seems like author discontinued it.
Keep in mind that there are many issues with such port like mouse input or packets data hungry, etc.

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