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  1. I am curious if anybody can confirm what the gravity (/g_gravity) and speed (g_speed) settings are on hardcore silent mod server.
  2. Is this still active? If so, please count me in.
  3. LOL med packs disappear when I stop being a medic
  4. you can use these demos i made for you. 1 for venice and 1 for baserace. I recorded them under jaymod 2.2 but i cheated on the baserace one g_gravity 790 instead of 800 default. demos.zip
  5. This never gets old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U84K55KmNJY
  6. nice tutorial, first one i ever seen for double jump tricking lol but theyre actually not that easy to pull off so hats off to the mediums and up. have you seen the trick dyno plant for fuel dump? you plant it on the back of a teammate and if you do it right, the dyno will bounce off the ground and into the fuel dump after your teammate /kill himself. the trick is that no warning is sounded for fuel dump plant. also, just recalled, you can get to the roof in adlernest from 1st allies spawn. extremely hard with single jump sort of hard with double jump.
  7. mlb maps are great for DJTJing. Venice is one of those maps where the strategy is very different between SJ and DJ. Eagles2, School, Cathedral, Vesuvius, and CTF_Face (my fav with g_gravity 600 and DJ enabled), so many more but those ones i can recall off the top of my head for DJTJing fun
  8. sorry i think i wrote that seconds after i rage /quit last night I think this last week ppl have been bleeding me (and others) because the server was full. they used to do that on our etpro sw server years back to get slots free so their friends can join. was tough to stop since tk/revive is a common etpro thing. anyways, shit happens and i think i overreacted. *updated my guids/profile
  9. so many admins but what good is that if they dont watch for foul play? on the hardcore server this week i have been forced off due to intentional team bleeding and team killing, i had to fall back to other servers. i also learned i dont have permission to private message the admins who were present hence why im making a public post. that coupled with bots, its really sad. you guys got a great community here but when i need a quick fix why would i join a server that makes me angry at the world? not bitchin but if nobody at FA knows this happens on a regular, well then, now you know.
  10. I recall there was a bin pack released with updated graphics. not too popular as it cuts out 1/2 the audience (older computers). to go further then that i think you need to rewrite the engine as well as the mod, correct me if im wrong
  11. ya unfortunately bots live there too as i found out last night. im afraid to ask but here she goes, how popular are the bots on your servers?
  12. bots on a server. im sure lot of ppl love bots but i would rather play 1 on 1 then 4 on 4 with a bot on my or their team. nothing like having to decide if whos a real person or not on a hardcore server. bots should sit spec when 2 ppl are in game, at least on a hardcore server
  13. Is it only for certain maps? Do you have any issues in GoldRush (original version)? If its only certain maps, chances are they didnt build the map correctly. Try capping your FPS. I usually cap it at 76 for FPS-unfriendly maps. I use 125 otherwise. com_maxfps 125 forcefps 125
  14. File Name: sageone.cfg File Submitter: sageone File Submitted: 16 Jul 2014 File Category: Player Configs don't eat yellow snow Click here to download this file
  15. sageone

    my cfg

    yay, we have a winner http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1025-sageonecfg/

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