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Configuration turn to default whenever changing server


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I'm looking to recieve some orientation about an issue with my configuration. 

At the moment i use a personalized configuration (containing graphic and connection variations) located in my ET main folder in order to reduce game's lagging. 

The problem shows when i rejoin a server or visit another one. Everytime my graphic configuration sets back to default, so i have to restart the game and join a server if i want to maintain my configuration. 


I would appreciate some help with this,


Thanks guys.

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Did you have this problem before or it started with a new configuration? 

Can you post your cfg so we can give it a look and see if there is something wrong in it.



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You don't have to restart ET and rejoin the server. You can /exec your config in the console. Simply open the console and type /exec [nameofcfg].cfg and you should be good to go. 


When you are on the server and have your preferred settings enabled. Just type in the console /writeconfig FCCconfig. Then all you have to do is type /exec FCCconfig in the console to get your settings back if at any time it goes back to default or it changes after joining another server.


Remember to /vid_restart and /snd_restart after /execing your config for some of the settings to take effect.

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Thanks for your help guys! Really i appreciate it.


One further question, which is the exact command to apply graphic (textures) changes without restarting? Console says that restart is needed to apply changes (r_detailtextures).



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