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  1. In HC it's a real pleasure to play with every single regular player. No matter how skilled they are, i appreciate they take some time to keep thisawesome game alive. It's amazing to see that there are a lot of high skilled players still around and i enjoy to play with them because they're tough competitors. I pay my respects specially to all medics and field ops who actually revive, give med packs or ammunition.
  2. How would this mattee be decided? By vote or admins decision? Thx
  3. Hello sir welcome back!
  4. Excellent content! Very helpful, cheers mate!
  5. In HC Blest for sure. Excelent player, very hard to fight against him.
  6. Thanks guys for every one of ur cooments. I'm currently testing some of urs config to find my own. Appreciate ur comments!
  7. Will this rotation map selection pool be avaivable for HC server too?
  8. Hey fellas, I was wondering what kind of aim u use for ET. Since there are several options, i would like to know ur preferences. Is there a special advice when choosing ur aim cross (size, colour, etc.)? I would definitively like to read some of ur opinions. Thanks!
  9. Thompson, because its sexier
  10. Hello fellas, I recently bought a new desk computer (windows 7), and i have a frequent problem when i Alt-Tab the game because it crashes everytime. I need guidance to solve this, perhaps someone had this same issue before. Any comments are welcome.
  11. Hello, I'm FCC, i'm a 25 years old i come from Chile. I've been related to ET since 2005, but i've played 3 or 4 years in between. I like to have fun playing in FA server, i mostly like its community and playing for the team. C'ya all in game.
  12. Thanks for your help guys! Really i appreciate it. One further question, which is the exact command to apply graphic (textures) changes without restarting? Console says that restart is needed to apply changes (r_detailtextures).
  13. Hi, I'm looking to recieve some orientation about an issue with my configuration. At the moment i use a personalized configuration (containing graphic and connection variations) located in my ET main folder in order to reduce game's lagging. The problem shows when i rejoin a server or visit another one. Everytime my graphic configuration sets back to default, so i have to restart the game and join a server if i want to maintain my configuration. I would appreciate some help with this, Thanks guys.

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