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introducing myself


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sup lady's and gentlemen


My real name is Patrick, i live in The Netherlands, born in 1994

ive played a lot before in the F|A clan, was even a member but it was years ago. i quitted because i i was getting a life (joke)

i had a job and later a girlfriend that asked a lot of time but finaly thats over. i got a new girlfriend and she is lots and lots better.


i was on college, studying in IT (internet communicating), not finished yet but i am gonna, starts in Sept. and hopefully finished very fast cause i need work again.


i want to play in the game again, because i always had a good time in recruiting. last days ive been playing in the servers and just saw that everything was still fun.

the member Mr.Hanky discoverd me, we started talking and he's a nice guy. so shoutout to him! he did see some potential in me as member, well thats positive isnt it? haha


so guys, and girls ofc. let me in F|A again! thnx!


oh yeh.. my nickname in game is Itsme

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I thought we already have a Patrick 🤔

Anyways, welcome back to our forums :hi (if I understood you correctly)

Do you happen to know your previous account's name? (Its hard to be member without a forum account)


Oh, if you want to be member again, you can post an application here 😉 (any question you have, feel free to ask me)



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3 hours ago, Itsme1994 said:

Guid updated. but why is this needed?

Reply done into your application


1 hour ago, Xernicus said:

A GUID is what identifies you on the server, we've always required the last 8 chars of your GUID in your profile for applicants and members. You put it in your profile so Staff can verify it's you on the server before setting you up with any admin levels or commands.



Welcome Istme :)🎉

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