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  1. Thanks F|A for providing a platform for us all to play our favourite games. Transaction ID: 20675572267708507
  2. Again, welcome and thank you for graciously giving us all a free day on your birthday. Much appreciated!
  3. ConGraTulations!  


    Each time that I got a promotion at management levels, my first thought was, "Now I can really screw things up!" 😮 


    But then, the higher you go, the more easily you can fix your own fumbles.  😄  📣


    (Such as when I kept trying to set applicants to Trial on the ET servers and sometimes set a bot to Trial instead, in full Public View, much to the amusement of the players who had noticed it.  😢 + 😄 + 😄 )

  4. Thanks everybody! Am happy and pleasantly surprised by this promotion and the trust.
  5. I used to play DOI all day every day. It's a shame the developers gave up on it. Mostly to focus on Sandstorm but still. This game has much more potential. Typically on weekends I'll jump into DOI for a few games. Always fun to play officer.
  6. Major, whats about to promote you to colonel?😛


    1. Major Stalvern

      Major Stalvern

      A promotion to Colonel may be in order but in the eyes of some I will always be "Major". 

  7. Looking good in green, Pat! Congrats.

    1. Nancy


      Major, now I am green as you :) Go Hulk team!!

  8. @Major Stalvern Fixed your name so that we can do an @ for you.


    (or did DD do it already?)

    1. D..X


      Happy Hour Reaction GIF by Laff

      woo now i can tag @Major Stalvernwhen i need a sandwich 😛

    2. RedBaird


      Oh, No!  @D..X beat out @DJ aka GDR DJ for RedBaird's First RL LOL of the Day! :o 


      "Ham Samich"?  Now @tipsy  will be all over him!

  9. Congratulations!  😄 


    1. Hulk


      OMG! Grats Major well deserved!

    2. Nancy


      Welcome to Hulk team!!!

    3. Major Stalvern

      Major Stalvern

      Thanks, gentlemen!

  10. Congratulations, @ViP3r* and @Carbonautics. And thank you FA leadership, for the trust :). A very big and pleasant surprise.
  11. I am stalkin' your profile! 

  12. Welcome to the forum. En let op je moestuintje!
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