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Someone can tell me, how come lately, if I follow someone as a spectator, then pressing mouse2, does not return the free view to navigate the map without following any player?

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dipende da cfg bind



what I mean, that has always worked, but since I was put the level by admin, after I write even once! spec, after if I want to return in free view, does not come back stuck following the players.
It only scrolls with the mouse1, the various players, but if I press mouse2 enters for less than 1 second in free view, but then returns to follow the player


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17 minutes ago, r3wind3r said:



for me its the space key

I just tested on Jay3/beg1 and the space key "frees me" into free-look.


I found that left-click (mouse_1) moves up the slot numbers on each click, while right-click (mouse_2) moves my spectator-view down the slot numbers.


You can use the left and right buttons to move up and then back down the slot numbers.  If you want to spec 2 players who are one slot apart, you can actually use the 2 mouse buttons to switch between them. :)


If you hit the spacebar and hit the right button, then you start at the highest slot # and move down the numbers. 


The opposite is true for the left-button.

6 minutes ago, Cquattro said:

depend of cfg bind

That is very true.  My cfg binds are defaults for spacebar and the mouse buttons.


My spacebar has the bind "+moveup", but I don't know if that cvar can be assigned to another key and have the same "free look" effect.  That function may be built into ET/Jaymod.

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39 minutes ago, RedBaird said:

Su quale mod e server succede?


La tua preferita è jay # 3 / Beginners # 1  :)

happens in jay3, and jay1, other servers I have not tried, but if I close ET and I open it all back ok, until I write! spec someone, and then returns the bug that I can not go more free view.

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me on the mouse 2 I have the jump (move up) but until you have set the level, if you remember, I did LIVE TV, and I could also navigate quietly to the sky of the map, and have a third person view of everyone, this annoys me now, for this reason, reason:

many times there are several players afk, stop at the spawn that hinder the other players, must be moved spec, but if I can not control in free view, the time to do this increases, and moreover I can not understand the names, and I have to ask the players if they see someone afk, it's just absurd :)



I do not remember making any recent changes to my super cfg :)

I hope it's not a setting that I've changed and I do not remember what it is

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the problem could be that mouse 2 is kind of a double click, so it does moveup and then goes back to initial state. so try to bind a second key. for example /bind M +moveup , then you can go to free lock using tze M key

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1 minute ago, Carbonautics said:

Indovina che ha fatto e non mi ha capito : l

I understood, I said that I have always gone in "free view" with the jump, and not with secondary fire as you say

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