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  1. Lenovo

    Etpro fps drop

    check, minimizing and, if the trilinear option is active or activated automatically without your knowledge in the control panel of the video card, it happened to me, if the problem is not that, in the list of drivers of the video card, try a another version of the drivers check the command on console /com_hunkmegs 56 is default value but this command is ready only, u need change from shortcut example "C:\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" + set com_hunkmegs 512; + set com_zonemegs 128; + set com_soundMegs 64 you can also check this command r_primitives 0 r_primitives 1 r_primitives 2 trying out the three options, you will notice an increase in FPS, choose the most performing and stable option sometimes the cause can be another example 1 defective or obsolete driver for the network card 2 problems in your provider 3 spyware or background programs
  2. +6 degrees today ... 

  3. my opinion about it is contrary, as you can play in high definition with 60hz refresh, if I play 2 hours are Czech. you must always use the maximum refresh of the monitor and a resolution that allows you to keep it at the maximum supported by your monitor, it is useless to have 1920x 1080 to 60 hz maybe his laptop at 1024 x 768 at a refresh of 120hz let's see the opinions of other players 1920 x 1080 60 hz or 1024 x 768 120hz then when you play on a 60-person server, let's see if you get more than 30 fps however, the cfg that I attached to you is optimized for 1024 x 768 75hz try it and let me know
  4. il mio personale cfg gratuito per tutti creare un collegamento a "ET" e copiare questa riga + imposta com_hunkmegs 512; + imposta com_zonemegs 128; + imposta com_soundMegs 64; + imposta cl_punkbuster 0; + collega jay1.clan-fa.com:27960 eseguire l'amministratore sulla console di gioco aperta e scrivi exec Lenovo v77 e vid_restart
  5. QuaKe Champions Official Page - download and play
  6. Lenovo

    ui mp 86

    Enemy Territory installed compressed, extract, and run as administrator Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory Folder rar
  7. connect to another server example /connect jay1.clan-fa.com , wait 1 minute and reconnect at /connect jay3.clan-fa.com it happens to me when I restart the modem and I'm inside jay3, as soon as the line comes back, jay3 does not reconnect, so I connect to jay1 and after a minute I go back to jay3 and it works
  8. this sentence in full, is all that is "ET", in 2006 already there was talk of the death of ET, and everyone ran away to new games, the best we are after 15 years, to be here in this forum to discuss it, who the would have thought, thanks Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory !!! and thanks to all of you "Brothers"
  9. someone interested in forming a team for the new cup on January 20th? Lenovo disponibile
  10. this is not the problem you are far from the solution if you surf in this direction, I think that on the cfg I have to teach others
  11. I just restarted my pc, I came back in age, and I have audio problems, scratch and I do not understand what it is, could it be my connection? I deleted and reinstalled, I tried to restart the modem, and to reinstall the audio drivers, but scratch the same, it happened 2 years ago with the other connection, but it did talvota and only in wi-fi. I went back to jay1 now, to stop scratching, but is continuing on jay3.
  12. I recently returned home, I left the PC on the ET: Legacy server for 6 hours and I'm not having problems the fps are fixed at 76, and the audio is perfect if now by on jay3, with normal age just reinstalled, already croak
  13. my computer is always updated, I have not installed anything that may have compromised the audio, I left et open on jay3 as I often do when I go to sleep, and the next morning began to croak if I watched a video on the internet, or the television on the internet, then I go inside and it was minimized, and I find that the fps fizzled a lot and the audio crackled, initially what would you do? I closed the game, I restarted the PC, and restarted the router, in theory it's ok, but no, it begins an ordeal endless, I begin to suspect anything that I did earlier than the incident update: sound driver win 10 1803 to 1809 however, formatting and reinstalling 1803 would have to return everything as it was about 2 months ago, but it is the same, from here I began to doubt the connection because I still have real problems of connection that now everyone knows, beyond this, I also doubted the added maps and even of my cfg, but honestly I have tried them all: I deleted all the pk3 or removed the jaymod folder I delete profiles, etconfigs etc ... I tried to reinstall again, I tried to use a default cfg nothing changes. but now he does not croak, in the videos and the television, he croaks only in age, on the servers in question
  14. 391.35-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql are the most recent, since I use win 10, being an old card, do not come out of updates often

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