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Presidential election debate: Trump and Clinton clash


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With an electorate yearning for change, Clinton is hamstrung by her long record and her close association with the Obama administration.
Rather than proposing wholesale political overhaul, Clinton offers up a vision of a country headed in the right direction but one that needs some changes to address income inequality and create jobs.
Her more optimistic view impressed another undecided voter, Nancy Willhite, 61, of Portland, Oregon. "She seems more in touch with reality to me,” she said.
A Reuters/Ipsos poll published on Monday found that about half of all likely voters in the United States were looking to the debate to help them make a final decision.

Ron Bonjean, a Republican strategist in Washington, said Trump's performance on Monday would have left many undecided voters with questions about his ability to lead the country.
“Donald Trump has to convince them that he is going to be a safe alternative and I think it’s open to debate whether he pulled that off,” Bonjean said.
Christopher Devine, a political science professor at the University of Dayton in Ohio said Trump's message on Monday sometimes got lost in a welter of hyperbole that invited mocking responses from Clinton.
“He’ll identify a problem people are concerned about, but in that excitement over making that point, he goes overboard and makes claims that don’t hold up. It loses its effectiveness at that point.”
(Reporting by James Oliphant, Ginger Gibson, and Chris Kahn. Editing by Paul Thomasch and Ross Colvin)

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-trump-analysis-idUSKCN11X0G4


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well to be honest im not a trump fan , but i think he has the potential to make possitive changes , as far as hillary is concerned , it saddens me that she is even in the running at all ... she has a long history of scandal and multiple inditements over the past 20 years ,, she is the first and only 1st lady to ever be indited , she has been finned more times , and in the highest amounts in the history of the respective departments that repremanded her for litterally dozens of incidences of misconduct ,,, and all of this is aside from the well known email issue , as well she has committed purgery by lieing to congress ... a fact that the FBI director confirmed to congress ,, her history is not a pretty one ,, sadly most of the public that supports her is either too young to remember the scandals of her husband's presidency , or simply refuse to accept things that are fact .. not spin or opinion , but actual facts that can be checked .. her brother was the lawyer for several convicted cocaine traficers that recieved presidential pardons in exchange for large donations to the clinton legal deffense fund and later the clinton foundation , as governor of AK , bill clinton pardoned her and her associates after they commited realestate fraud in the whitewater scandal that robbed senior citizens of thier retirement money , but aside from all of this .... alll you have to do is look on you tube to find the massive compilation of her flip flopping her possition on  just about every issue she has ever commented on ... and again its not opinion , its video fact ... comparisons of her statements to CNN and other news agencies over the past 20 + years .... so again i will say ,, im not really a trump fan but next to her he looks like a saint ....

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Gonna leave this open for now. Lets keep it civil. Don't want any name calling, bashing, or hurt feelings. We are all entitled to our opinions, but lets be adults about this and act like civilized humans.

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